Clip Holders & Table Stanchions | Decorative Styles and Designs

Table Stanchions - Picture Clips and Stands also make great Place Card Holders

table stanchionsA clip holder, picture clip is a great way to capture customer's attention. Each of these table stanchions is constructed from rugged metal to last long and withstand in any busy environment. The simple and modernized design of each memo clip makes them suitable for use in any retail or restaurant setting. A memo holder has many display possibilities. A card holder or table top stanchion can be used to display table numbers at a banquet, advertisements in a retail store, or name cards for florists. We sell picture clips in a matte black or satin silver finish.

What are some common uses of these picture stands?
  • Clip holders can be placed at retail displays to advertise pricing
  • These tall clips are can be used residentially to hold Christmas cards and “save-the-dates”
  • Table stanchions are often used to display menus and drink specials and tables in restaurants

memo clipsThese displays make it easy to place a drink or specials menu on tabletops, while easily letting wait staff change lists in and out. The varieties of designs that are available, including ornate and simplistic styles, nicely mesh with any tabletop cloth or restaurant table. Have hardwood tables and booths at your eating facility? These black or silver clips will look great on any wood surface. These sign clips are taller than most similar products, making it easy to showcase signage and make it prominently stand out. Unique designs are featured on both the base and the coil. A unique design helps draw in attention to otherwise unnoticed products and food items.

What are the different styles available of these clips?
  • 21” tall wire units are available with alligator clamps
  • Brushed silver countertop stands ideal for cafes and eateries.
  • Coil designs that offer a more fun design for unique price tag labels

decorative clip holdersUse these tall clips make it easy to help pricing and other important info for retailing stand out to customers. These displays weigh very little, making it easy to transport signage from one location to another. The height of these displays ranges from 5” - 21” tall. That’s nearly 2’! Use these picture holders at clothing stores to mark off important sales or low prices that will be sure to make your customers pay attention. With a variety of different merchandise to label, the versatility of these signage stands makes it easy to maneuver the pricing labels with the along with the constantly changing store displays.

A sign holder, memo clamp is a cost effective way to highlight sales, objects or new merchandise. Use photo stands to display advertisements for your customers. Items like card displays and memo holders, can be used in restaurants, retailers, banquets and trade shows. Display your in-store signage with these fixtures and boost your store's daily sales.

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