Illuminated Poster Stand Holds Backlit Movie Advertising

Illuminated Poster Stands for Light-Up Posters in Various Styles & Sizes

This selection of display frames for backlit advertising, movie theaters, and malls cannot be beat! We offer illuminated poster stands, including these vertical totem signs, at rock-bottom prices. Customers will not find a better price on this backlit lobby display selection. Signage holders, like poster light box stands, are captivating advertising fixtures that instantly grab attention. With their size and unique construction, these types of signage hardly go unnoticed. An illuminated poster stand or large poster light box makes an excellent information kiosk in a mall or movie theater.

Some of our double-sided advertising displays, also called backlit poster frame stands, can hold either 2 or 4 graphics. The bottom of this type of illuminated poster stand comes with powder coated aluminum panels that can be removed for those who would prefer to use it as supplemental advertising space. A totem display holds two posters back-to-back. Each poster light box display stand contains light bulbs inside so that your movie advertising or other graphic is backlit and can even be seen in the dark. A concave poster stand with illumination puts a modern and unique twist on the traditional movie theater frame. Stand out from traditional and uninteresting signage with this poster light box for your lobby or showroom!

What type of lighting does this illuminated poster stand utilize?

  • The double-sided, totem frame stands use either fluorescent or LED lighting. The construction of this poster light box makes changing the fluorescent bulbs a quick and easy task, while LED bulbs rarely need to be changed.
  • The flat one sided backlit directory boards are LED illuminated. This light box display stand is will ensure even lighting throughout your frame.
  • When comparing fluorescent light to LED, the latter is more energy efficient, but has a higher upfront cost.

There are several types of poster stands that feature illumination available in our online catalog. We offer directory stands with large flat, slightly angled surfaces. These designs are ideal for use in a mall to show all the shops and stores to passing customers. Totem displays are taller and have a large impact on any passerby. Patrons are instantly drawn in by the stunning size of the displayed graphics. There are also smaller sign stands that are well-suited for placement in lobbies or near entryways where they help educate entering patrons or guests about available services and products. No matter which option is chosen, you can rest assured that they will not run up your electricity bill due to the high efficiency design.

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