Impulse Merchandising - Countertop or Floor Standing Spinners, Strip Clips & Peg Hooks

Spinning Displays & Merchandising Strips - Increase Last Minute Purchases with Effective Product Placement

spinning racksMany products sold in retail stores aren't want the consumer originally intended to purchase, and often bought as a last minute, or "impulse buy." Items like snacks and chips, air fresheners, trinkets and hand warmers are items typically purchased in addition to other items. So how can you effectively place these products in your store? Well with spinner racks & strip clips of course. Displays2go's wide product offering gives you free standing, countertop & hanging displays for windows or gridwall. Choose different displays to meet any situational needs. Many stands feature signage holders for pricing labels, ads & sale information.

What different options are available for point of sale merchandising?
  • Floor standing spinner racks offer different displaying options:
    • Circular Racks w/ Attachable Clips(sold separately)
    • Metal Peg Hooks
    • Clip Clamps
  • Countertop merchandising racks to place directly next to the cash register with:
    • Metal Rounded Hooks w/ Upward Angle
    • Double Sided Peg Hooks
    • 2 or 4-Sided Clip Clamps
  • Hanging merchandising strips mount by:
    • S-Hooks
    • Window Suction Cups
Clips Strips

Clips strips are available in a variety of styles, including hanging, countertop, and spinning. Short on space or looking to increase impulse purchases at your store? Our plastic chip rack hangers are the solution you need! Every snack rack includes hang tabs for displaying candy, chips, snacks, and other lightweight blister pack items. We offer multiple backing styles to fit almost every need. From suction cups to S Hooks, our lightweight chip rack hangers can be affixed to windows, gridwalls, metal shelving, and even lacquered wood. Countertop models and floor standing displays are also available. What establishments can benefit from clips strips? Convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty food suppliers, and even novelty stores like toy retailers or bookshops will be sure to find shelf hang ups useful. Additional shelving can cost thousands of dollars for a single unit. Additionally, retailers might find themselves without the physical space to add more full-scale shelving. Our merchandising solutions attach right onto existing store fixtures, including shelving, showcases, tables, and windows. In this way, your display capability is increased significantly while only taking up a negligible amount of space! With all of these benefits, why not choose our economically priced hang ups instead of unwieldy, large, and pricey additional shelving?

Effective merchandising is one of the easiest ways to increase sales in a retail store. By setting up stores for impulse purchases, customers are prompted to by items they likely would not have bought before. Trying to push some inventory? Move it to the front of the store, near checkout stations, or on the outside of walk-in refrigerators to encourage last minute purchases. How you market an item is a driving force behind how well it will sell. Starting improving your POS set up with rotating displays today.

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