Artist Easels Offered In Several Wood Finishes

Art Easel Displays for Galleries, Studios & Home Use

These display stands, artist easels will make paintings and artwork stand out in a crowd. Fabricated from solid elmwood, these art easels can be used for years to come. Most of these wooden tripods have sophisticated brass detailing; giving the art displays an upscale appearance. These artist easels, also known as display easels are versatile and functional for displaying any type of artwork or painting. Whether for oil, pastel or watercolor paintings, these units are great for a variety of uses. Is time required for production a concern? There is minimal production required for all of these artist easels. There are no supplemental tools needed, and most of these fixtures can be put together by one person in less than five minutes. Purchase these artist easels with confidence knowing that they are practically ready for use right out of the box.

These art presentation fixtures are built with a solid architecture to provide the durability and support to hold different types of canvases or artwork. There are various types of artist easels available here. One of the more basic units is this wooden painting easel in black or neutral finish. Art galleries and studios use these artist easels to display finished paintings or works in progress. Painters like to use these wood tripods to hold their canvas while they work. These studio easels feature adjustable clamps that allow for canvases of varying thickness. In addition, there is an adjustable support bar that enables the painter to adjust the height of the painting. The back leg of these artist easels can be adjusted forward or back to angle the art to a better viewing angle. The black or natural makes for a neutral fixture that doesn't distract from the displayed artwork.

How much assembly is required for this art easel?
  • There is minimal assembly required with all of these fixtures.
  • Each display easel requires no additional tools to construct the unit.
  • All of the required assembly can be accomplished by one person in 5 minutes or less.
Is there an display stand offered here that is suitable to exhibit artwork?
  • Most of the wood stands seen here can also be used to display art in a gallery or museum.
  • Most of the painters' easels options for sale here are made of quality wood that would look nice in any environment.
  • Most of these fixtures are able to hold a wide range of painting or canvas sizes.

Some of the other popular sellers among these painting easels are these large wooden tripods. Choose from black, cherry or natural stains. There are a wide range of features on these studio fixtures including; storage trays, adjustable clamps, and tilt capabilities. All of these art display stands have a shallow tray along the bottom of the support bar to keep brushes and paints within reaching distance. The clamps allow for art of different sizes and thickness. The rear leg of this painting easel has an adjustable knob that allows the artist to adjust the stand to the perfect working angle. The brass accents on this wood tripod give this fixture a touch of class and elegance. The rich cherry finish is a preferred among museums to exhibit paintings and other works of art.

Painters use these portable easels that fold down for easy transport. Often times artists like to paint outdoors, or at a remote location, and these stands are a vital fixture that allows them to take supplies and a work surface on the road with them. These painting easels feature telescoping legs that allow for height adjustability. The legs also fully retract allowing them to be folded up into a compact briefcase-like package. There is an included shoulder strap that can be attached making it that much easier to bring this display easel stands anywhere. The metal fixtures on this stand add to the overall durability of the unit. This painting easel features an adjustable work surface that can be raised or lowered, as well as tilted front to back. There is a storage drawer on this wood stand that allows the painter to keep art supplies and brushes close at hand. The drawer has six compartments and latches to help keep the contents sorted. As an added bonus a small palette is also included with every unit.

This basic painting stand is simple in design, but provides a versatile work space for any painter. The three legs on this wooden tripod are telescoping, and adjust anywhere from 70" high down to 34" high. The brass knobs allow the legs to be secured in place once the desired height is set. The design of this studio stand is such that paintings can be displayed vertically. Painters sometimes want a flat working surface, and this art holder can be adjusted to accommodate this need. Simply loosen the screw to swivel the support bar to a parallel position, and this tripod now acts as a means to hold the canvas flat. This painting holder is also a preferred with enthusiasts who like to paint landscape and other scenery outdoors. The legs retract down to a small manageable unit, and weighs only 2.5 lbs, making it easy to carry and go.

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