Retractable Belt Barriers - 9.5 Foot QueuePole

Retractable Belt Barriers - Crowd Control Stanchions Posts

Retractable belt barriers are a fool-proof tactic of crowd control. These crowd control posts are brand new to the market and can not be found anywhere but here at Displays2go. The stanchions feature a pole with an octagonal shape. Octagonal stanchions are some of the nicest looking crowd control posts you could use in your business. The retractable belt barriers can be used anywhere from a retail store to airports. No matter where they are used, these brand new octagon posts are sure to make an impact!

Retractable belt barriers are necessary store fixtures in many locations. These Deluxe crowd control posts are designed for use in upscale environments, like salons, boutiques, and more. Update the look of your retail or service-oriented location with these Deluxe barriers. Retractable belt barriers can keep separate crowds into groups, protect merchandise (as in a museum), form queues, or restrict access to certain areas. Crowd control posts are often seen in banks, lobbies, airports, museums, theaters, performing arts centers, cinemas, retail stores, malls or other shopping centers, amusement parks, and more. Deluxe stanchions can add just the touch of elegance your establishment has been looking for.

These Deluxe barriers are one of the greatest values you will find on the web. We have implemented a fabrication process that allows us to offer these upscale, Deluxe posts at a cost that rivals our competitors Economy lines. Choose Displays2Go and you will be getting a high quality, rugged stanchion at a fraction of the cost of competitor's offerings! Our products all come standard with a 9'-7", high-quality, tightly woven nylon belt. Buy these Deluxe crowd control posts with a longer belt so you do not have to buy as many barriers! is a leading source for crowd control products, like these retractable belt posts. We also offer plastic, rope, and portable stanchions, along with accessories and signs for metal, plastic, and rope posts. Our full line of crowd control products also include the counterpart to these QueuePole.Deluxe Line stanchions, our incredibly affordable QueuePole.Economy Series line posts. Start shopping online with today to find a huge product selection, all available with quick shipping!

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