Gridwall Accessories - Baskets, Hooks & Faceouts

Gridwall Accessories Including Hooks, Faceouts, & Rails

Store gridwall accessories can be used in a variety of retail & P.O.P. environments. Gridwall accessories, like slatwall accessories, are exceptionally versatile & inexpensive making them a popular preference for store fixtures. We supply gridwall accessories & grid fixtures in many configurations, giving you the choice to buy exactly what you need. Gridwall is a very beautiful and rugged type of store fixture that uses various different style accessories. Gridwall, also known as grid fixtures, when combined with accessories can be used to display almost any type of objects. Grid panels can be attached to our bases or mounted on the wall and accommodate many accessories. Our gridwall bases hold 24" wide grid panels, and create multiple shaped gridwall fixtures. We have many gridwall accessories, such as faceouts, waterfalls, baskets and C Rails to display a wide array of objects. Add the finishing touch to your display with the use of a sign holder, we have several sizes available in acrylic or aluminum.

Any of the accessories we sell can also be used as slatwall accessories. Gridwall accessories and slatwall accessories are available as shelves, hooks, faceouts and baskets. The type of accessories and grid fixtures you need largely depends on the amount of space you have and what type of product you are displaying. If you have a small space, the most recommended grid fixture is a gridwall tower or wall mount grid fixture. When you have more space and want a larger merchandiser, a gondola, triangular or four sided pinwheel display will work. We have a variety of gridwall hooks, baskets and other grid accessories. Our grid accessories are kept in inventory and can usually ship the day you order them.

We are the country's largest stock point of purchase display manufacturer. Our complete product line consists of thousands of unique P.O.P. displays that are in stock and ready to ship. In addition to the gridwall accessories mentioned on this page, we have thousands of other retail displays, accessories & store fixtures. When we acquire an order for a stock product before 3PM EST, in most cases it will ship the same day. Order online today by using our shopping cart or call us at 1-800-572-2194 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:30 EST.

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