Small Acrylic Display Case - Locking

Locking Acrylic Display Cases - for Countertop Use

This small acrylic display case series is a great way to protect expensive objects displayed in public areas. With a simple, clear design retailers can showcase objects elegantly, allowing the displayed merchandise to be seen from all angles. Can this small acrylic display case be shipped overnight? In fact, all of the fixtures shown on this page meet the requirements to be shipped via air freight. The small acrylic display case shown here can be used to display collectibles, cameras, watches, jewelry or antique clocks. This type of countertop cabinet is commonly seen in jewelry stores and other department stores that sell electronics and other small expensive merchandise. All of the small acrylic display case cabinets have a swing open door for easy access to the displayed products. The hinges on the door are also made with clear materials, thereby maintaining the sleek, unobstructed design of this cabinet. This small acrylic display case does feature a locking mechanism, allowing owners to secure objects, and control access to the contents of the showcase. These plastic showcases are a preferred among gift shops, boutiques and other souvenir stores.

This countertop showcase, small acrylic display case does not require lighting to make the objects shine. Customers can quickly view the product from every angle. Buy this small acrylic display case at an affordable price today for displaying priceless objects. Many of these counter cabinets include numerous shelves to allow for a sizable are to place products. We offer this small acrylic display case in an assortment of designs and sizes for shoppers to choose from. Plastic cases, like jewelry cabinets and clear showcases are all available in the main category pages. There customers can find a small acrylic display case that is sure to satisfy their need. There are also a wide range of other fixtures such as curio cabinets, tower showcases, countertop showcases and store counters. Check out this huge selection of display cases today, to find the right one for your business.

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