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Food Domes, Covers & Display Cases For Countertop Display

Plastic Food Display Cases, Domes & Covers Help Preserve Quality & Freshness of Pastries

These food domes & cases lure customers to mouth-watering delicacies sold in food-service establishments! Fabricating great baked goods isn't enough to be successful in the hospitality industry. How food is handled and the freshness is very important. For these reasons, this series of food covers and cases is offered to keep cakes and pastries fresh while on display! Under these clear food covers, delicacies will look tempting and appealing to shoppers. These restaurant supplies help prevent contamination of baked goods, in addition to making them more appealing. These food covers, also known as dome displays, provide flexibility and versatility with the types of merchandise they protect. With a simple, clear acrylic design, these domes and trays can be used in any environment or setting. The right food cover can make all the difference in the presentation of baked goods! Looking for something to put these covers on, try a cake platter stand.

Tray covers protect baked goods from contamination.Much like food tents, tray covers with dishes included are very popular. Restaurants, bakeries, and catering companies often pick these cake stands. Each dome will fit the corresponding platter since they were designed to be a cohesive product. Purchase food cover units within the same series to ensure the presentation looks uniform to customers. The dome and tray combination not only protects items from contamination, it creates a stylish presentation that makes merchandise look more appetizing! Supplemental, baked goods covered by these food covers are easy to move from one location to another, as the dome and tray fit together perfectly. These trays and lids are commonly used by caterers as well as individual users for social functions and parties.

In addition to bakeries and cafes, how do other food service businesses use an acrylic bakery display daily?
  • Hotels use these to offer a selection of croissant sandwiches during breakfast and brunch buffets.
  • General stores rely on these self serve bins to boost sales of candy and other packaged munchies.
  • Restaurant buffet lines protect sides, bread and rolls from sneezing and coughing guests.
  • Cafeterias grant quick access to grab-and-go snacks.
  • Gas stations integrate these into checkout areas to encourage impulsive pastry purchasing.
  • Schools creatively unveil meals and specials of the day to students.
  • Grocers allow local artisans to self promote products on each tray.

Each food cover enhances cakes displayed within.Acrylic and plastic storage units are also offered in this category. The material each food cover is fabricated from is specified on each product page. Polycarbonate plastic units are incredibly rugged, making them ideal for restaurant or hotel buffet lines. Additionally, many of the polycarbonate food covers have a metal handle with chrome finish. Units with a metal handle have an added touch of upscale style. Many caterers prefer plastic restaurant supplies due to the lightweight and low cost. Especially popular among buffets are the open-faced and hinged dome. Food covers with a quick access opening provide almost the same level of protection for foods as a full dome. The open design allows customers to quickly choose items, and then continue to move down the buffet line. Cut-out food covers are specifically designed for busy environments that have a quick turn over of food.

Acrylic cake lids are just as attractive, but not quit as rugged as polycarbonate storage units. However, acrylic lids have very affordable price points. Similar to the plastic food cover, the acrylic cake dome is very lightweight. Caterers and restaurant owners often pick acrylic lids over glass. Lightweight, affordable price, and upscale style make acrylic domes a great alternative to glass units. We even offer cake risers sold with or without plates and covers. Additionally, this selection of bakery storage and display products is much more resistant to breakage than glass lids.

What are the advantages of these domes over glass and stainless steel units?
  • More resistant to breakage than glass.
  • Less expensive than stainless steel or aluminum cake storage displays.
  • Lighter weight and easier to handle.
  • Easy to clean, hand-washing each unit takes approximately one minute.

Food display cases are also acrylic so customers are able to get a clear view of pastries and snacks. Wood and metal bases are available to really add to any decor. Many displays are rear-loading, so bakery or diner employees are the only ones that can access the contents. Slide out trays make it easy to load up with freshly baked food. Take out empty trays, load them up and then slide them back in to display your food. Designs include both curved fronts and square fronts. An angled front bakery case allows trays to tilt forward slightly, giving customers a full view of the case's contents.

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