White Store Counter Configurations

White Store Counters w/ Shelving & Display Cases

White store counter configurations are ideal for any upscale department, specialty, or retail store. A countertop showcase provides an area in which employees can interact with customers and aid them in their shopping. We sell store counter configurations complete with register stands so that your countertops can also serve as a checkout area. counter configurationsThe store counters, when built into a formation, become the center and focus of your retail environment.

These store counter displays will give store owners multiple options to set up an entire configuration in their establishment. Showcases, such as these store counter displays, hold priceless objects that you want kept safe and locked within. We supply full view showcase displays, which are part of the whole configuration, with locking doors and 2 keys. Some of our store counter displays, the full view showcases and corner cabinets, have tempered glass countertops and shelves.counter configurations The register stands and parts of the display cases are fabricated from black laminate which is resistant to scratches and dents. The halogen strip lights inside the counter display units accentuate your merchandise and add to their appeal. Many of our full view display showcases also contain mirror decks to add elegance to your counter display

We offer these store counter configurations to alleviate the hassle of developing your own countertop layout. Simply choose the configuration that will work best with your floor plan and that envelops the style that you envision. counter configurations We have organized the glass display cases and countertops in a variety of formations, including four-sided island, bump-out, corner and linear wall bump-out configurations. Buy store counter configurations, including counter display units, to use as a customer service counter or display showcases for specialty merchandise.

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