Floor Sign Bases for Foam Boards and Other Rigid Graphics

Steel and Plastic Poster Bases Display Rigid Signboards

Woman standing next to a floor sign base with rigid signboard

Everyone's always on the lookout for affordable freestanding signage. Doing away with pricy stands and frames, many people just need to display simple, printed panels. Floor sign bases provide the means! These easy-to-use graphics holders offer a no-frills solution — and do it with style. Our floor sign bases accept all your typical sign-making materials, such as Gatorfoam®, Coroplast™, Dibond®, and more. The printed posters insert into the holders and are secured in place with screws (depending on the model). Sold at a very attractive price, the sign bases can be reused again and again. How's that for added value?

What do freestanding signboard holders have to offer?
  • Our floor sign bases come in two basic styles. Steel models feature an angled design with black or silver finishes. Two sections sandwich your graphics panel and secure it with wingnuts. Plastic styles come in a couple versions. One model even features an integrated carrying handle molded right into its design for convenience.
  • The metal units are recommended for interior use only. However, the plastic bases offer outdoor capabilities. They can be filled with sand or water. This extra ballast helps to keep the stand upright in windy conditions. The domed model features holes in the three fold-out legs that accept stabilizing ground stakes (included with purchase).
  • You'll need to supply your own boards for the angled steel bases. Corrugated signboards, or Coroplast™, are included with the fillable base units. You can take the blank panels to a local signshop for applying printing or computer-cut vinyl graphics. Or, take advantage of one-stop shopping by utilizing our in-house UV printing service! Send us your custom artwork and we'll print the boards with weatherproof inks. Single or double-sided graphics are available. Letting us do the printing will save you both time and money!

Pairing signboards with one of our floor bases makes good economic sense. Cheaper than a framed floor stand, less expensive than a snap-open sidewalk sign, these simple graphics holders will pay for themselves quickly. Thanks to the user-friendly design, changing out old posters with new is an easy process. Use them for advertising upcoming events. Place one outside your cafe to help draw potential patrons to your door. Help direct crowds with wayfinding information. The applications are endless!

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