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Store Mannequins - Adult and Child Fixtures for Merchandising in Shops & Window Displays

store mannequins to display clothesMannequins are ideal for placement in storefront windows and within retail shopping centers. Businesses use the display fixtures to display clothing and accessories. By dressing retail store mannequins, customers are more likely to take notice of new clothing lines and be more interested in making a purchase. Both male and female figures are available. If the consumer likes the way the garments look, they are more likely to try on the clothes and hopefully purchase them. Boutiques and other locations selling clothes can use the dress forms individually, or create a complete storefront window display by grouping a few of these fixtures together.

Why should I buy one of these particular dress forms?
  • Rugged construction - The polyethylene plastic composition is much lighter an eco-friendly than other models crafted from fiberglass. Plastic retail mannequins are meant to reduce breakage and lower retailers' costs, as these fixtures won't have to be replaced as often as with other models.
  • Lifelike features - Painted facial features and long, life-like eyelashes for a more real, natural look.
  • Movable Positioning - Unlike comparable models, realistic figures that have painted features also include moveable heads, rotating arms and legs, as well as a pivoting calf rod. This enables users of these clothing forms that are plastic to change the position of the forms with ease.
  • Various Poses - Whether you're selling active wear and require an athletic pose or you're looking for a more casual pose, like our sitting mannequins, we've got you covered.

Where else are mannequins used? Artists often use these dummies to help create pieces of art and 3D sculptures. Tailors and dressmakers also use dress forms like these to make new clothing merchandise. Photographers and advertising companies also make use of these display fixtures, as they are sometimes easier to work with than live models.

store mannequins for retail use

Clothing figures are designed to sell your clothing and apparel with style. Constructed from polyethylene plastic or fiberglass, these dress forms can go with any fashion as they are incredibly lifelike. These mannequins, also called manikins, can be placed by storefront windows or entrance areas to attract attention. Male, female and youth plastic mannequins will help users make eye-catching window displays, as well as to draw shoppers into your boutique or retail institution! We also sell the increasingly popular plus sized mannequins. These displays are growing in popularity and encourage customers to embrace their image, not to be ashamed that they don't live up to unreachable standards portrayed by supermodels.

store mannequins are male and female dress forms

Some displays feature detachable arms, legs, torso and head for users to quickly dress and set them up. The cheap dress forms can be used to display clothing, handbags, shoes and other accessories. Showcase seasonal lines to customers through window displays. The dress forms also come with a pivoting calf rod to hold the unit in position and prevent it from toppling over.