Digital Poster Includes an LCD Screen, TV Stand & Media Player

Digital Poster Stands w/ Monitors & Built-In Media Players

This digital poster uses a simple plug and play media player.

A digital poster for business shows moving media images on an LCD monitor, which is mounted onto a TV stand. This advertising signage display allows large-format presentations to be shown, with the use of a media player. There is a diverse assortment of electronic digital poster options available, which have several different abilities & accessories. Some of these capabilities include showing videos, live TV, custom weather & scrolling tickers. These bundled digital posters for retail signs are offered with name-brand LCD screens, as well as floor-standing fixtures, from which a user can choose his or her favorite design. As a result, we have an incredible collection of all-in-one kits, pairing monitors & stands together with media players. These packaged digital poster displays in bulk work in various indoor locations, including trade shows, entertainment venues, corporate offices and retail stores. Additionally, many universities, athletic centers, casinos, hotels and restaurants are starting to harness the power of dynamic advertising.

Why use digital posters? These stands are the most current form of large-format, multimedia presentations on today's market. The digital poster for merchandising is sure to put a business in the forefront of its industry and is easy to set up and maintain! Unlike print advertisements, these displays "pop" out & draw in more attention. These digital posters that have everything needed to assemble make a tradeshow exhibit more attractive than typical banner stands. The results are worth the purchase price. These digital posters, also known as advertising signs, are an optimal way to present posters, photos & advertising videos. Instead of static presentations, users can showcase a variety of ads in one location!

What are the benefits of commercial monitors vs. residential monitors?

  • More sturdy frame & rugged components are used when compared to residential models.
  • 2 or 3-year designer warranty is standard with these monitors.
  • Residential monitors are recommended for 6-8 hours per day, while commercial-grade units can run for at least16 hours a day.

What is included in each signage advertising bundle?

  • Media player either with acrylic bracket & touch fastener strips (hook & loop) for mounting, or built into television (see product page for details).
  • Various size commercial monitor depending on stand preference.
  • Floor-standing display stand, each with different features, such as shelving or casters.

Each digital poster display stand includes a commercial-grade monitor. There are various sizes available, including, but not limited to: 22", 32", 40" or 55". Each screen is equipped with a two or three-year manufacturer warranty. These monitors are also designed for long-term use & can run for at least 16 hours a day. In fact, some screens can remain active 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Residential monitors are manufactured for use six to eight hours a day; in most cases if used in professional settings, the warranty would be voided. The materials used in constructing commercial-grade displays are more sturdy, which will better withstand the wear-&-tear of industrial settings.

This electronic signage is kitted with one of the various floor displays. These stands have many different accessories & features to best suit the varying needs of a business. While some electronic signage is portable & includes carrying bags for transport, others provide a more permanent stand perfect for use in a lobby or store. The floor-standing displays may require some initial fabrication; however setup takes only a few minutes to complete & all of the necessary hardware is provided. The electronic signage stands may also be available with shelves, on which users can place accessories or advertising materials. Another feature of many of the fixtures is adjustability. The floor-standing displays can raise or lower the height of a displayed monitor, thus catering to an appropriate audience at any given time. Please feel free to browse through the entire assortment to find the right electronic signage stand for your individual needs.

The digital posters have split-screen template options available.

Plug & play media players are the perfect solution for the electronic sign novice. These solutions are easy to understand and implement. Most plug & play devices display only full screen content, but some of the solutions available here include software to allow framed content, as well. Framed content means that different sections of the screen can display different content, not just one big, full screen image. Custom images & graphics come to life even with the plug-n-play device. This particular player presents media files in a static or slideshow format. The digital media device is incredibly easy to set up as it pulls data from a USB thumb drive. There is no requirement for an Internet connection! This media player shows full-screen presentations of videos & images only, unless it is an LG® EzSign product, that includes downloadable software to create template-style presentations.

At Displays2go we take pride in being able to offer you more stand options than most other online vendors. With over 7000 unique POP display products, banner stands, LCD TV stand displays, & retail store fixtures to pick from, this online catalog is sure to have something for your company. These large format displays will be at hit at trade shows, conventions, and retail stores! Over 2 million individual displays are presently in-stock at our on-site warehouses. For the past 40 years, our intent has been to provide our consumers with the best online shopping experience and highest level of customer service. Any questions regarding any of products & kits can be answered by an expertly trained customer service staff. Call or chat with a customer service representative Monday- Thursday 8:00am - 6:30pm & Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm!

These advertising displays offer a great way to offset standard printing options with exciting imagery. Each media player includes easy-to-use methods of reaching out to customers. Commercial LCD screens offer high definition output to really create a striking presentation. Many display stand options are available to best suit your business, order today! Three different multimedia LCD monitors satisfy the varying needs of our diverse consumer base. These dynamic displays include all of the tools needed, such as a media player, to set up an effective advertising exhibit!

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