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Office Door Plaques For Directories Signs and Name Plates

Office Door Plaques Office door plaques are sign supports that add style and class to wall mounted signs. Any organization that has consumers entering their facility needs to display informational and directional signage. These office door plaques, sign supports are specifically designed to hold informational signage at a high visiblity angle. The feature all of these sign supports have in common which ties them into a single category is they hold signs off the wall, some even at a perpendicular angle. When office door plaques are held at a 90° angle to a wall or ceiling it is much more visible than a sign mounted flat against a wall. When buying a perpendicular mount, ideally signs should be double sided due to the perpendicular angle signage is held at with some of these sign supports. These office door plaques called spacers, or standoffs, are ideal for mounting signs in a hallway or corridor. Any of the sign supports in this category can hold signage on a wall. These sign supports accent signage in a sleek and stylish manner.

    Why do our customers like these wall mounted sign holders?

  • These office door plaques are well made in metal, durable and long lasting.
  • Silver finish is ideal for every office setting.
  • Easy installation with no drilling holes required.
  • Illuminated LED lights make signs visible at night and catch attention in the day.

We supply these sign supports with all the hardware necessary for fully mounting a sign. Each unit comes with spacers, screws, anchors, and an allen wrench to tighten the set screw. Signs may be made of acrylic, metal, wood or plastic. There is very little restriction on the type of sign that can be used with any of these standoffs. Please see the individual product descriptions for details on minimum and maximum sign thickness. This category of edge grip standoffs features some products manufactured from brass with metal plating. The brass construction is very rugged. Some units are available with either a chrome or satin finish, while others feature a satin brushed aluminum finish.

Not only does this collection of standoffs display signs in a contemporary & stylish manner; they do it at an incredibly low price. We stock mounting hardware in bulk. This results in unbelievably low prices for our consumers. We are a display retailer that continuously brings to market contemporary & unique displays. In addition to perpendicular standoffs and rail-style standoffs, we carry screw caps, traditional signage spacers, decorative knobs, cable display systems, & more! There are 100s of signage hardware products for sale in this catalog. From our main page you can browse 1000s of marketing displays & solutions. In-stock sign mounting hardware is eligible for our same day shipping offer. Simply order before 3PM EST, Monday – Friday, and your signage hardware ships same day!

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