Magnetic White Boards

Magnetic White Boards - Wall Mounting & Floor Standing

What do classrooms, conference rooms, private homes, ER’s, and break rooms all have in common? They are all great places for magnetic white boards! You can use these erasable surfaces for an even larger range of activities. Teachers choose white boards for lessons because this type of markerboard doesn’t come with the dust and mess of traditional chalk surfaces. Families love magnetic erasable boards in this kitchen for keeping track of schedules, chores, and groceries. They also love that fact that they can use magnets to hang up their kids’ artwork and homework! Work in an office environment like an advertising agency or call center? Then these white marker boards are great for team meetings and hanging important announcements. As you can see, there is no end to the versatility that these fixtures provide!

What types of white boards can you expect to find of this page? We carry many popular sizes, styles, and materials. Find aluminum and wood framed wall units or rolling floor standing units to fit any décor. Some units even feature reversible surfaces great for longer lessons or in-depth brain storming sessions. Use a typical 24” x 36” frame or opt for an impressive 144” x 48” size for your conference room!

What will you do with your board?

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