Glass Whiteboards with Dry Erase Magnetic Surfaces

Professional Glass Whiteboards for Modern Classrooms & Offices

Glass Whiteboard from Ghent

Glass whiteboards are modern innovative tools used in companies and schools in place of traditional chalkboards. The clear glass board is used for collaborating ideas and concepts in meeting rooms. Glass is a superior surface for writing on with eraseable markers and wipes clean with ease. The glass whiteboard works great with a dark or light background or wall behind the board to show the writing more clearly. The markerboards are frameless which makes them visually appealing to anyone. The professional glass whiteboard comes in many sizes to fit any office meeting room or classroom. There are also handheld tablets to carry around for business or personal use.

Why would you use a glass whiteboard?
  • Simple to clean and minimal ghosting
  • Looks amazing and stands out on colored walls
  • Magnetized boards make the board multi purpose
  • Crystal clear surface has a more professional modern look

Some clear whiteboards are magnetic and work great with rare earth magnets to hold any paperwork that may have your drawings, diagrams or notes. Glass Whiteboard Is .25 The glass erasable boards include standoffs which accent with the glass boards very nicely. The boards feature tempered 1/4" thick glass which prevents injuries in case a board shatters. Each standoff is 1" in diameter and is made with aluminum and has a satin finish. Another great feature is that each board comes with a marker holder in the rear for a clean, organized look. Some whiteboards, which are from Ghent have a modern design and are made of the best materials to prevent streaking of markers and great functionality.

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