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Banquet & Highboy Cocktail Tables - Portable and Easy to Store

Modern & Practical Bistro Tabletops for Bars & Restaurants

This highboy cocktail table is commonly used at weddings and cocktail hours

If you’re newly outfitting your restaurant or updating current furnishings, consider adding banquet and highboy cocktail tables to your setup. This lightweight catering furniture is used by many food industry professionals whom value form as much as function. Our pub and event tables are designed to make the most of any space in countless venues including restaurants, dining halls, nightclubs, pubs, hotel ballrooms, and many more. Folding banquet and highboy cocktail tables are sold in an array of sizes to accommodate the floorplan of any space. Many of the portable tabletops are equipped with folding legs for ease of transport and storage; but the best feature of bistro style furniture is that the units are compact or can be collapsed, making them easy to tuck away when not in use. The easy-to-stow feature means you can clean your venue in no time or transform your venue quickly between events! We have height adjustable highboy and rectangular tables for sale in various sizes, styles and materials. All of the long, folding styles have locking legs for added stability and easy break down at the end of a long shift. Plywood or metal banquet tables are more rugged and stylish while the molded plastic series offers a more lightweight and portable solution. Incorporate a banquet table with your current dining fixtures to create a cohesive look throughout your restaurant. Your customers will appreciate the minimalist style of our cocktail tables and your staff will thank you for the easy breakdown and folding capabilities of our longer units.

This banquet table is commonly used at weddings and other social functions What is a banquet table & what is it used for?
  • Folding catering tabletops are serving platforms that are designed to accommodate sizable amounts of food and serve many guests at once during large scale dining events.
  • Restaurants, pubs, hotels, cocktail party hosts, caterers and many other food service professionals use our portable bistro furniture daily.
  • Portable restaurant furniture can be used by caterers to serve snacks at a wedding, to hold drinks during a cocktail party or for patio service at a pub. They can also be used at a trade show for booth attendees and hosts to sit at and talk shop.
How can a highboy cocktail table help me improve my workspace?
  • Our tall, pub-style tables are commonly used in bars or restaurant lounge areas largely because of their small footprint and easy portability.
  • The slim frame and compact base enables adding lots of seating to otherwise typically cramped areas.
  • The ability to quickly change out or move furniture is crucial. Transforming your space for parties or events is much easier, as is sweeping and mopping floors at the end of the day.
  • Height adjustability, easy setup and storage are the three most important features these furnishings offer. You’ll want to be able to stay efficient in a fast-paced environment.

If you're wondering "how long are banquet tables" or if they'll fit your space? Displays2go has you covered. We offer smaller square styles from approx. 3ft x 3ft and rectangular units in 4ft, 6ft and 8.7ft lengths. Our folding tables are equipped with hinged, height-adjustable, steel legs making setup effortless while still providing a solid, stable platform for presentations or dining. This lightweight rectangular furniture is ideally meant for use in large social venues, ballrooms or for catered events; however, given their simple design, they can be used in practically any setting — just make sure to keep them out of the rain! Use long banquet tables and cocktail highboys together in your happy hour setup to create a functional, well designed dining and activity space. All of these setups are easy to arrange & do not require any supplemental tools.

Use this banquet table at a wedding or other corporate sponsored event.

If you need to outfit your restaurant with easy-to-move restaurant furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Many of these adjustable tables ship knocked down and fully assembled to save on shipping costs. Displays2go has tons of styles and lengths available to suit the dimensions, look and feel of your location as well as your budget. Looking for other fixtures for your venue? Check out our selection of restaurant supplies!

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