Adhesive Signage Frames with Self-Stick Design

Sign Holders w/ Adhesive for Displaying on Business Walls

This Picture Frame is Sold At An Inexpensive Price OnlineThis sign holder, picture frame is an affordable way to display your preferred photographs or business signs. The plastic cling-on framing is constructed from plastic with an adhesive gel backing. This backing enables users to repeatedly remove and reuse each picture frame without damaging the displayed surface. Users can display photographs or business signs without the use of nails, hooks, or tools! Each hassle-free picture frame only requires a quick peel and stick! As a result, these framing accessories are an ideal means of showcasing pictures of your family and friends in a variety of settings. Each picture frame not only prevents customers from having to damage their walls, but each item is also reusable!

Picture Frame Ships Quickly When Ordered by 2PM EST What are the benefits to using this type of self-stick picture frame?
  • Quick and easy photo changes can be made without the need for any tools
  • Each picture frame can be mounted to many surfaces, unlike other frames that can either be mounted to a wall, or displayed on a countertop
  • Universal design to hold both portrait and landscape-style photographs
  • Clear overlay protects picture from unwanted dust when within the frame

How can this picture frame be mounted? These framing accessories are very easy to install, with no tools required. First, clean and dry the intended surface for mounting. We recommend placing any of these picture frame items on a smooth, non-porous surface. Next, peel off the white film covering the adhesive, and place your prints within the center window. Finally, attach the picture frame to the desired surface or location. Please note: this display should not be used on any rough, porous, or dusty surfaces, as this can affect how well each item adheres. These framing accessories are sure to coordinate with any home décor, as they feature a simple style in either a silver or black coloring. Users can stick the frame to such smooth surfaces as walls, windows, doors, tables, tiles and mirrors. This self-sticking display can be applied over and over again with ease. For places with restricted space, this photo sleeve will be ideal! This picture frame, also known as a plastic photograph holder, enables prints to be swapped out in mere seconds!

Why should customers buy these photo holders from this website?
  • Quantity price breaks are offered, for businesses looking to purchase picture frame displays in bulk.
  • The photo frames are stocked by the 100s for quick shipping. Simply place your order by 3PM Eastern Time US, and most stock items ship out the very same day.
  • Each picture frame is offered in a variety of sizes, including 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 8.5" x 11". This ensures customers will find the size they need.

This Picture Frame is Available In Many Different SizesThese plastic displays are ideal for placement within your home. The framing accessories are neutral in design, enabling users to display them in multiple locations. Each photo holder can showcase your pictures on the refrigerator. This particular product line is much more affordable than traditional magnetic photo holders, making them even more of an ideal purchase. The adhesive backing is safe for displaying children's artwork on a wall as well, as the backer will not leave residue behind or damage wall surfaces. This feature also makes these framing accessories ideal for use in an office to display family photographs or important information. A signholder, such as the units seen here, can even be used in restaurants to display menu or specials. Retail settings could also use these displays to advertise in-store promotions or post other types of signs.

Instead of keeping all of your photographs in albums, why not display them using photo frames, like the ones seen here with a self-stick backing! These offerings can be placed on the wall in both portrait and landscape orientation. The wholesale framing accessories are also reusable, for displaying a variety of different prints. Besides using the photo frames to showcase signs and prints, these items can also be given as gifts for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or even as favors for bridal or infant showers. The possibilities for these photograph holders are endless!

This plastic signholder is an inexpensive home décor accent, and an affordable alternative to traditional photo frames. Users can purchase numerous signs with a stick-on backer to create collage-like displays. These wholesale photo frames are available in 2 colors: silver and black. As a result of the neutral coloring, this display is perfect for use in variety of settings and will coordinate with just about any home decor. The black or silver coloring of these framing accessories enables them to easily coordinate with any modern home décor.

For customers looking for supplemental types of photo frames, this website has a wide variety to choose from. We have a huge selection of photo frames in the online catalog. Trying to find the perfect holder to display your photographs or custom signs? There are hundreds of framing accessories to select from, sold in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. The wholesale photo frames category consists of wood, decorative, collage, plastic, acrylic, themed, document, custom and certificate holders. Not only are a wide variety of different display styles offered, but these framing accessories are also sold at incredible prices, making them ideal purchases for residential or business use! From infant photo frames to decorative photograph holders, Displays2go has it all. Hundreds of wholesale displays and custom merchandise are offered in this online catalog that are suitable for multiple indoor applications. The stick-on holders seen above enable users to mount the displays to walls or other surfaces without the need for any tools! However, if this is not the type of photograph holder you need, click into the main photo frames category, to find the exact item to coordinate with your home décor!

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