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Restaurant menu signs are ideal for use with digital displays or boards. These restaurant menu signs are an economical way of posting signage in any institution! Many eateries want to post daily specials in a window or on a door, yet most standard poster frames are not designed for that purpose. These restaurant menu signs, called food displays or advertisement holders, are the solution to window advertising. Many establishments find themselves asking the same question. Are there restaurant menu signs specially designed for advertising in non-traditional locations? The answer is yes! This category includes restaurant menu signs with special mounting methods, other than the traditional hook-hanger method.

Why purchase window frames from this online catalog?
  • Restaurant menu signs ship same day when ordered by 3PM EST, Monday – Friday.
  • Each product sold in this online catalog, whether it is an outdoor advertising board or digital poster frame, is supported by a team of knowledge customer service personnel.
  • The restaurant menu signs feature engineering that balances style and price.
  • There is a huge selection offered to fit the precise needs of your institution.

Eateries use these restaurant menu signs with the digital poster frame or board! Each of the restaurant menu signs featured above has one of two mounting options. The two mounting methods include self-adhesive and suction cups. The self-adhesive restaurant menu signs are ideal for a wall or counter. Self-adhesive frames are not optimal for window advertising because they are not double-sided. However, these restaurant menu signs have many possible functions in any institution. Fast food businesses use these food displays for posting specials, prices, and itemized menus on counters. The stick-on frames are made from a thin, flexible plastic. This material helps protect restaurant signage from dust and other damage on countertops. The gel adhesive food displays stick to walls as well. These restaurant menu signs are much faster to mount than a traditional unit. Users mount the gel adhesive framing by simply pealing off the back layer, placing the advertisement inside the bordered area, and sticking the unit to a flat surface. There is no restriction on the format these signs are mounted in, horizontal or vertical.

What advantages do these restaurant menu signs offer over traditional poster frames? Restaurant menu signs, digital displays and advertising boards sell at affordable prices here!
  • Each signage board is easy to hang, as no hardware is required.
  • The restaurant menu signs are economically priced.
  • Many of these frames are double-sided, offering maximum exposure for posters.
  • The acrylic and plastic material is light weight and more affordable than wood or metal.

The second classification of restaurant menu signs, those that mount with suction cups, attach to windows and glass doorways. Most of advertisement boards are double-sided, which creates maximum exposure for posters. There are many advantages to mounting information with frames such as this. First, when removing the restaurant menu signs, no residue or markings are left behind. Second, the mounting process takes merely seconds. Yet, another advantage is the flexibility in placement. Customers coming and going will see the posters displayed in one of these frames, when mounted on a glass door. Businesses will gain high visibility for posters when a suction cup frame is mounted in a window, as customers outside and inside the institution will see the signage. As with the gel-adhesive frames, most of these food displays will mount in landscape or portrait orientation.

Each poster board in this category holds graphics that are 8-1/2" x 11" or larger. Sign boards that show 11" x 14" and 18" x 24" signage are available as well. Size is an important consideration when shopping for a food display or advertising board. Many restaurants prefer objects that holds 8-1/2" x 11" inserts. Establishments can easily print menus themselves when using 8-1/2" x 11" sign holders. The distance a customer will be viewing a poster from is another very important consideration when choosing a size. Users mounting signage on a counter or doorway often use the 8-1/2" x 11" units because customers will be in very close proximity to the sign frame. However, establishments that plan on mounting signage in a window may want to choose a large size to make it easier for customers to view the signage.

Some of these products have two signage areas for displaying 8-1/2" x 11" posters side-by-side. This type of picture holder provides the increased display capacity of large boards yet is compact and mounts in windows! These sign frames are ideal for restaurants that have long menus, or keep both breakfast and dinner specials on display. The dual display board is ideal for posting advertisements next to menus as well. Frames for displaying two inserts provide twice the display possibilities. Each dual poster frame is double-sided as well. Window-mounted signage is just as effective as wall-mounted poster boards.

Yet another important consideration when shopping for window signage is the color of the board. The holders with self-adhesive backing come in black and silver. Both of these options are compatible with most environments. The silver gel-adhesive has a textured board that creates a very contemporary look. The black adhesive sign holders have a solid border, which will coordinate with any environment. These colors provide a border that subtly draws the viewer's eye to information displayed within each unit. The stick-on board enhances walls, as well as showcases information. The economical price points of these units, combined with a user-friendly design, make them ideal for many establishments.

There are clear, red and black suction cup frames available in this selection. The clear units are ideal for posting informational signage in an institution. Black frames provide a classic border for menus. Red units are popular among a variety of establishments. Many restaurants in busy districts choose the red sign frames because they are most effective at capturing attention in busy environments. Red sign boards are also perfect for exciting new promotions. However, red units do not coordinate with the décor of some establishments.

The special features some select units offer may interest shoppers. Some of the suction cup sign holders feature decorative, satin silver screw caps. The sign hardware adds a touch of style that considerably enhances the display. Each frame featuring screw caps consists of two acrylic boards that are easy to update with new posters. One of the clear acrylic frames, SKU: GWM8511BCD, features a business card holder that affixes to the display board area. The main feature the objects mounted with suction cups has is indoor and outdoor visibility, since it mounts in a window.

The reason window graphic holders are popular among eateries is because graphics have indoor and outdoor visibility when mounted in windows. The dual advertising exposure that suction cup poster holders create ensures eateries get the most out of these merchandise. Other methods of outdoor advertising, such as the sidewalk sign board, are effective, but do not provide the simultaneous indoor visibility for posters that a window-mounted display does. The units that mount with adhesive do not provide the same outdoor exposure that a poster board mounted with suction cups do either. However, the thin plastic displays in this category are an excellent component of an advertising campaign that utilizes outdoor signage, digital poster frames, and a variety of other equipment.

Many eateries outfit an entire institution with digital and traditional signage from this online catalog. Window advertising with these poster frames is most effective when used in conjunction with another product from this website. Digital signage is an excellent choice to use inside a business near graphic holders mounted with suction cups. Outdoor a-frames are another great option! Often an outdoor display, positioned along a sidewalk, can steer potential customers towards an institution's entrance. Then, advertisements mounted in the windows will draw patrons in the door. This online catalog supplies write-on boards as well. The dry-erase board comes with many framing options, and in many sizes. Illuminated stands for menus and advertisements come in dozens of styles too! Outdoor advertising boards are available in many varieties as well. The selection of hospitality equipment on this website is designed to meet the needs of users ranging from upscale restaurants to street vendors!

Why are the digital boards, outdoor displays, and other objects sold on this website so affordable? The reason is each unit features a flexible design that allows it to be utilized by a wide variety of users, in many industries. An example of an item that has cross-industry use is the suction cup display featured in this category. Not only do restaurants post menus in these boards. Retail stores place advertisements in these units, and then mount these poster holders in storefront windows. The digital boards are another great example of a product utilized by several industries. Banks, stores, and many others use these display boards in addition to restaurants. The digital poster frame is especially popular with eateries that use the window sign holders. Signage holders are just some of numerous product lines on this website.

The first reason why customers repeatedly shop on this website is fast shipping! Most sign boards, outdoor poster frames, and other visual merchandising displays ships same day when ordered by 3PM, Monday – Friday. Customers that need advertising objects fast have found the ideal supplier in this company! The marketing displays & solutions, including the sign board, sell with this same day shipping offer. Even display boards that do not ship same day have a short lead-time! The second reason shoppers choose this website for products ranging from the outdoor sidewalk sign to the digital poster frame is superior customer service. Each product page has a live web chat button on the right of the screen for quick access to a knowledgeable customer service representative. Shoppers can contact customer support by phone at 1-800-572-2194. Yet another reason restaurants shop on this website is a huge selection of products. There are literally thousands of displays to choose from. The objects offering is diverse, ranging from digital signage to outdoor displays. Digital poster frames, number card holders, and window displays all have prices that make them affordable for most shoppers.

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