Model Display Cases for Diecast Cars, Dolls & Sports Memorabilia

High Visibility Wall & Countertop Display Cases for Models, Diecast Cars, Sporting Memorabilia & Retail Items

model display cases Are you looking for model display cases for collectibles and specialty items? Our wide selection of acrylic fixtures offers styles suitable for both commercial and residential use. Our versatile model display cases, sometimes called memorabilia showcases, can hold one individual item, or many different items. While many of these fixtures are designed for countertop use, others can be easily mounted on walls to create museum-style exhibits. The majority of these economical model display cases feature acrylic construction instead of glass, thereby making them lighter and less of a hazard if broken. Wood bases, extruded aluminum frames, and linen or velvet decks allow the different styles to be matched to contents to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind showcases. Lift-off tops allow easy access, while other styles allow the lids to be securely screwed to the base for protection and loss-prevention. Whether used to showcase mini figurines, diecast car collections, antique or collectible dolls, or high-value retail items, our selection of lightweight memorabilia holders includes a style for every need.

countertop display cases for collectiblesAvid sports fans that collect autographed items such as balls, helmets, or NASCAR scale cars, use these plastic cubes to store their valuable memorabilia. These model display cases can also be used to present a new piece of retail merchandise in an upscale retail store or boutique. For the collector with multiple items to exhibit there are roomy shadow box-style enclosures suitable for multiple items. Some of these model display cases include an acrylic riser to keep a ball or other round item in place. There are plastic fixtures here of many shapes and sizes in an effort to satisfy most showcasing needs. Use these model display cases to show off your latest creation of a model ship or car. Likewise, museums typically use this smaller type of 3-dimensional fixture to create an enticing focal point for educational purposes. Whether these wall mount and countertop collectible display cases are being used in a home or a large art gallery, they will complement the displayed item nicely without distracting the viewer.

What are the different options for small acrylic showcases?
  • Countertop model display cases with lift-up tops are designed to both protect and attract attention to contents. These small showcases don't take up a lot of precious counter space, yet still offer a sizable area to exhibit one or more precious pieces.
  • Totally clear acrylic enclosures with elegant framing include screws to control access to customers, as well as protecting objects from dust and other airborne contaminants. Available in both portrait and landscape-orientation styles, these display cases easily hold 3-dimensional art pieces, antiques, as well as modern sports memorabilia or personal treasures.
  • Shadowbox-style enclosures feature elegant decks with either flat or wedge-shaped bases. A variety of decking materials such as linen, velvet, and wood can be used to either complement or create a visually striking contrast to contents. Versatile hardware options allow these stylish fixtures to be wall-mounted to create gallery-style exhibits in both commercial and residential environments. Ideal for single-object attractions, these acrylic boxes can also be used to protectively house multiple items to create themed collections.
  • Our specialty SplashBox line combines high tech with high visibility for maximum visual impact. The illuminated interior protects valuable merchandise or memorabilia, while the clear tempered glass screen incorporates a digital media player to give customers and passers-by a truly immersive multimedia marketing experience.

Use these model display cases to showcase die cast trains, model ships, or scale models.Our showcases are constructed using different grades of plastic to accommodate any price point or budget. From simple, lightweight countertop display cases to heavier, scratch-resistant acrylic showcases with silver or black metal aluminum extrusion framing, versatile plastic offers protection as well as durability. This type of small scale exhibit is suitable for the permanent display of a single item. These countertop cases feature a locking frame that requires an Allen wrench to unlock and remove the cover to change out a ship model, or diecast car. The acrylic is well-packed to avoid any breakage during the shipping process. Use this model display case to exhibit a trophy or other award. This plastic and aluminum fixture is not conducive for areas that change out displayed items frequently. The thin silver or black extrusion allows for a more complete view of the ship, car, helmet or other collectible contained within. Click on any of the images above to see the complete selection of merchandise offered here.

All of these plastic and acrylic diecast display cases are made with high quality fabrication materials. Many of these collectible exhibits include locking capabilities to further secure the displayed items. There is a wide variety of sizes here that can easily hold ship and scale models, as well as collectible diecast cars. Museums and art galleries tend to use these acrylic fixtures to exhibit valuable items, or to segregate different period pieces.

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