Telescoping Signs w/ Alterable Freestanding Base & Quick Clip Framing

Adjustable Graphic Holders with Telescoping Floor Stands

telescoping signs

Need to incorporate advertising signage within a business' lobby or foyer but have a limited amount of space? These telescoping signs are the perfect solution because of their small size & versatile design. The free-standing graphic holders are more than just stagnant poster frame displays. These telescoping signs accommodate either horizontal or vertical-oriented signage. The height-adjustable pedestal alters the height of a displayed poster. The telescoping signs are like buying numerous poster frames for the price of one!

What do these telescoping signs offer, as far as features are concerned?

  • Telescopic pole adjusts the stature of displayed signage.
  • Rotating designs converts a presentation from landscape or portrait orientation in seconds.
  • Hinged frame border makes updating graphics an effortless task.

These pedestal stands each feature a telescopic pole, which changes the height of the snap-open framing. With over 22" of adjustability, the telescoping signs cater to varying audiences and settings. A lower level setting would be ideal for use in front of an escalator or as a welcoming display for incoming guests. The telescoping signs, also known as floor-standing poster holders, can also stand over five feet tall, easily capturing the attention of passersby. To raise the poster frame, simple hit the switch & pull the telescopic pole up or down. Make sure to lock the display, once in place.

telescoping signs

These telescoping signs are also equipped with a rotating system for changing the orientation of a poster. To alter the way signage is displayed, simply loosen the screw at the back of the frame. This gives a user the ability to flip the poster holder up and around. Want to display a menu at an angle that is easier to read? These telescoping signs were designed specifically with comfort & ease-of-use in mind. Having a shorter, angled presentation of a menu or directory gives viewers an easy-to-read display of information to which they will be drawn to & will appreciate. How about using the pedestal stands to announce room changes or important directory information in a hallway or lobby? A vertically-orientated poster would be best for this scenario. These telescoping signs are incredibly handy when it comes to creating unique presentations specific to their locations. The versatile nature makes reusing the units trouble-free.

How do these telescoping signs differ from other floor-standing poster display?

  • No set height for displaying a poster. It's as if you are purchasing a group of products, all for the cost of one!
  • The telescoping signs have a rotating design to change the orientation of signage. Use the same floor-standing fixtures to display upright posters one week, & angled graphics the next.
  • The swiveling frame accommodates landscape or portrait artwork. No adjustments to the framing needed.
  • Snap-open, front-loading framing simplifies the process of updating signage. No more having to remove the backing or detach the frame from the pedestal stand.
  • Low price, when compared to stagnant displays of similar sizes.
  • When compared to other floor-standing poster holders, these telescoping signs are more versatile, yet still feature a simple design that works in a variety of indoor locations.
telescoping signs

These telescoping signs are each provided with a snap-open frame for effortless graphic changes. Unlike most poster framing displays, these floor-standing fixtures feature a front-loading design. To insert new signage, simply flip open each of the four hinged sides. Make sure to slide artwork in underneath the included non-glare lens. Once in place, flip the four hinges down over top of the overlay & signage. The telescoping signs are therefore fast to update & do not require any tools or additional hardware! This means there is no excuse not to keep advertisements up to date & relevant. There is no need to remove the frame's backing or to detach the framing from the pedestal stands. These floor-standing poster holders, with their rotating design as mentioned above, convert from landscape to portrait displays in minutes. Again, this minimizes the time required to update a presentation, thus making the floor-standing fixtures an economical addition to any advertising campaign.

Another way these height-adjustable stands complement a lobby or foyer exhibit is through their standard sizes. Presently the pedestal signage frames are sold in the following dimensions: 11" x 17" & 18" x 24". These are standard poster sizes & therefore can easily be created at a local print shop or office. No special printing is needed to use these floor-standing sign holders. While only one-sided, the larger size graphic area is sure to get noticed by passersby & potential customers. As previously mentioned, the rotating nature of the snap-open frame also makes it possible for users to change the angle at which signage is displayed. A 100% upright, or vertically-oriented, presentation would be ideal for use as promotional advertising fixture or for displaying instructions, such as "Please Wait to be Served." An angled appearance can be used to showcase more detailed signage, such as a directory or offices or a list of menu merchandise.

These aluminum poster frame stands work well in a variety of indoor locations. The floor-standing fixtures are constructed from silver aluminum, providing users with a neutral backdrop to perfectly frame a displayed advertisement, menu or directory. The telescopic graphic holders suit both casual & high-end environments, due to the poster frame displays' simple design & light-colored finish. Hotels could use the pedestals to present directory information or to announce upcoming events. Retail stores would benefit from the addition of these sign stands as they will draw attention to a specific item or product. Why not position the aluminum poster frame stands at the front entrance of a store to welcome customers? The telescopic graphic holders also work in restaurants for displaying menus & specials. It is recommended that these aluminum floor-standing sign holders be used in fast-paced environments that require frequent graphic changes & constant updates to a presentation or campaign.

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