Counter Showcase Enhances a Retail Store's Decor

Simplice EuroVu Counter Showcases

These counter showcases have cabinet spaceThe counter showcase, also known as a retail store fixture, is an essential part of any showroom floor. Whether selling jewelry, clothing, or collectibles, stylish display cases can help generate sales! This online catalog offers a wide array of counter showcase fixtures for this very purpose. Customers may ask, what differentiates this counter showcase selection from others? These retail store fixtures belong to the EuroVū Simplice cabinet line. Within the EuroVū brand, there are three lines of showcase counter; Simplice, Orginale and Moderno. EuroVū Simplice showcase counters combine the elegance and style of European engineering with easy to use features. Designed in Italy, each cash wrap, tower and glass cabinet is a welcome alternative to the generic-looking units sold by many domestic suppliers.

Showcase counters and towers sell wholesale prices!These counter showcases feature engineering that balances style with affordability, as well as elegance with simplicity. Each retail store fixture uses materials that have all the durability, safety and style of more expensive displays. Yet, these counter showcases cost much less than similar units sold by other online retailers. The combination of reasonable price point, stylish European design and user-friendly features make these retail store fixtures a great value. Each counter showcase comes with glass components that are tempered. Tempered glass is much safer to use in public settings, than untreated glass. If an object suddenly impacts the glass, it will break into small even chunks, instead of rigid shards. As a result, these counter showcases reduce the risk of a purchaser being injured in a store. The glass used in the construction of these retail store fixtures has green edges as well. The green edges help enhance the already stylish, European design of each counter showcase. The wood components of each store fixture are manufactured from MDF [medium density fiberboard]. Laminate in one of four colors covers the MDF components. The showcase counter has laminate that comes in one of four colors black, silver, cherry and wenge. The black, silver and cherry laminate has a slightly grained pattern, which emulates the look of a solid wood construction.

Buy a cabinet showcase counter or cash wrap! Why buy counter showcases from this online catalog?
  • Several colors, sizes and designs are available to coordinate with any retail store.
  • Superior engineering makes each showcase counter both stylish and affordable.
  • Display cases are in-stock, for sale in high volume quantities, to meet the needs of large retailers.
  • 1000s of other displays are available on this website for use in conjunction with these counter showcases.
  • Each display sold on this website is supported by an in-house consumer-service team.
How can the EuroVū Simplice counter showcase be used on a showroom floor.
  • As a free standing display case, along a high foot-traffic walkway.
  • In conjunction with another tower to form a high storage capacity retail store fixture.
  • Retailers can arrange numerous cases together to create a cash wrap.
  • Some counters are portable, for use instantly where needed.

What convenient features are engineered into each jewelry display case? Most glass jewelry towers and cash wraps lock to secure valuables when unattended by workers. Some of these retail store fixtures have swing open doors that allow easy access to jewelry on both selves. The cash wrap has two locking drawers to secure objects or money. While each glass jewelry cabinet does require assembly, only two people are needed, and assembly takes under 30 minutes. Yet another user friendly-feature the glass jewelry counters in this category have in common is numerous surfaces for displaying objects. Finally, various types of objects can be displayed in these retail store fixtures. Jewelry, small clothing merchandise, accessories, purses, sunglasses, collectibles and much more are ideal for exhibiting in a European-designed tower or cabinet, such as the cases featured in this category. Please see each product page for specifics on cabinet and drawer dimensions.

Frameless glass counters are especially popular due to their unique style. Additionally, a frameless jewelry fixture offers a better view of objects for sale than a unit with framing does. This is because framing can often obstruct the customers view of merchandise exhibited within the counters. Frameless displays can coordinate with the d├ęcor of nearly any institution. The base is available in several finishes. As an added bonus, many of the frameless, tempered glass counters are portable. Portable store fixtures and cash wraps are ideal, as they can be rearranged in minutes, instead of hours. Many retailers position them in a central location within the store, as they provide 360° visibility for watches, jewelry and other objects.

Both the cash wraps and counters in this category can be used by a wide array of businesses. The cash wraps are appropriate for any business that conducts face-to-face sales with customers. They are especially useful for retailers that need to provide excess checkout cash wraps when busy. The fact each unit can be used with other glass cash wraps or towers allows users great flexibility in the size and shape of the kiosk they configure. Versatility is just another feature that makes these EuroVū Simplice series of counters a great value. When shopping for a display case, buy a cash wrap that will do more than simply exhibit objects. Purchase a EuroVū Simplice cabinent or tower to enhance your institution as well as your objects. Exhibiting merchandise in a premium cabinet can have a substantial impact on sales!

This online catalog offers a wide selection of display fixtures for use with these counters. Jewelry holders, such as the ring tower and necklace stand, sell in many designs on Displays2go. Additionally, cell phone stands, countertop pedestals and sign holders sell in dozens of styles as well. Most merchandise, including these glass retail fixtures, ship fast! Fast shipping is only one reason customers continuously come to this website for all point-of-purchase displays. A huge product selection is another reason. There are literally thousands of unique displays sold on this website. In addition to retail counters and stands, product lines include picture frames, tower displays, glass cabinets, sign stands, sidewalks signs, literature holders, restaurant supplies, hospitality equipment, trade show exhibits, banners and more! Yet another reason this online catalog is the premier source for point-of-sale equipment online is excellent consumer service.

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