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Round Display Case for Retail Merchandise

Round Tower Display Cases - Top Lighting is Perfect for Retails Stores

This round display case selection featured on this page offers products from the EuroVū Originale line. The Originale line offers goods with a more circular design that coordinates with retail environments. There are two other lines within the EuroVū brand, Simplice and Moderno. The Simplice line offers products with a simpler look that fits into numerous settings. While the Moderno line features goods with a more complex construction. Each frameless cabinet, round display case feature high quality European engineering. Each glass showcase was carefully crafted featuring a unique and modish design that will attract business.

round display case What merchandise can this round display case showcase?
  • Fine China dinnerware
  • Trophies in a home or school
  • Jewelry in a retail store
  • Objects in a tradeshow
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, cameras etc.
  • Acrylic toys

So what makes this round display case better than typical cabinets? The reason is simple; this good offers more for less. The sleek curved design makes allows this product to fit into numerous settings. This round display case also known as curved glass cabinet comes with a whole host of features at no extra cost. Many typical tower showcase products that do offer numerous features are too expensive. This good is inexpensive and effective.

round display case

One of the biggest features of the strongest features offered is mobility. Each frameless cabinet comes with four wheels. The wheels are hidden under the base. Most typical retail cabinets that do offer mobility, do at the expense of style. Four visible wheels can look very unappealing; the ones that do have hidden wheels are much more expensive. The fact that this frameless cabinet offers mobility may not seem like that important of a feature. Though, most store owners and tradeshow presenters are aware of the difficulty involved when moving a curved tower showcase around. The wheels make moving around a painless exercise.

The base and canopy are made from medium density fiberboard (MDF). The base and canopy are covered in covered over in laminate. There are four different colors that are offered, black veneer, cherry, silver, and wenge. The laminate finishes each have strong wood grain patterns that coordinate with numerous retail settings. There are many benefits to using medium density fiberboard instead of normal particle wood. Firstly, MDF is cheaper than normal particle wood. Secondly, the use of MDF allows for this frameless tower to be shipped broken down for cheaper shipping costs. The laminate makes cleaning each unit an easy process. Since MDF is not hand crafted money is saved on labor costs. Additionally MDF is much stronger and denser than normal particle wood.

round case

Every curved retail showcase featured on this webpage uses Tempered glass for the door, shelves, and side panels. There are many benefits to using tempered glass over annealed glass. Tempered glass is stronger and is much more rugged. In a store, tradeshow, or school there are many things that can happen. The tempered glass is built to withstand many hits and any accident that may occur. One of the biggest benefits is the extra safety. In the event of a shatter, the glass would break into smaller pieces. Annealed glass would break into large dangerous shards. The glass is not only tempered but green edged as well. This is a staple of European designing. This also serves a stylish alternative to acrylic.

Every frameless showcase comes with a canopy that features top lighting. These lights help elucidate objects and will capture the eyes of customers. Some of these units also come with four detachable lights that can be placed on the inside. The detachable inside lights further enhance the showcase. Please note the goods that offer inside lights come at a slightly higher price. Each tower unit comes with a power cord that can be found at top of the canopy. Minor wiring is required for the lights. Clear and simple instructions on how to do this are included on every product page.

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This tower unit can be used in numerous settings. Places like schools, offices, tradeshows, and stores are just some of the areas where these goods can be used. The locking features make this merchandise especially good in a retail store or tradeshow setting. The main door on each curved glass cabinet locks, ensuring that people will only be able to look and not touch your objects. The EuroVū Originale line offers a design that is ideal for settings where there are large gatherings of people.

EuroVū Originale curved showcases are just a small selection of products that are offered at this online superstore. There are plenty of other cases from the Moderno and Simplice line as well. This company, Displays2go, has been in business for over three decades. This company offers products such as frameless tower showcases, acrylic holders, TV stands, jewelry showcases, digital poster signs, and many more made goods. Same day shipping is available for this retail objects. Showcase products in style. Purchase an item today!

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