Signage Display Stands w/ Plastic Frames Can Be Used on Counters or as Floorstanding Units

Plastic Signage Display Stands w/ Height Adjustability for Floor & Countertop Use

signage display stands with plastic frames

These signage display stands with plastic frames can be used by a variety of different businesses. What types of businesses often use these signholders? Retail business locations are one of the most popular places signage display stands with plastic frames are found in use. These floor-standing fixtures are used in these locations to display sale signs, more specifically, to draw the attention of consumers to particular objects. Signage display stands with plastic frames, such as the ones seen here can also be used on a countertop as well. At the shortest height, each unit is approximately 26-1/4" tall (not including the signholder), enabling advertisements to be at consumer eye level. This ensures your sales signs will be noticed by store patrons.

signage display stands with plastic frames Why should customers by these signholders, versus other show card displays online?
  • The plastic frames include a top-loading, slide-in design, for users to make quick and easy sign changes.
  • Theshow card signholders are sold in a variety of sizes to choose from, ranging from 7" x 11" to 11" x 14"
  • The plastic frames of the sign stands come in either black or red, for use in a variety of business settings.
  • All show card units are durably crafted, ensuring years of use.
  • The plastic frames of these signage display stands feature a groove, which enables users to rotate the frame from portrait to landscape orientation, with the slot positioned on the top or on the side for quick sign insert.
  • Each show card sign fixture features a height-adjustable pole for consumer convenience. As a result, users can display these signholders on a countertop or use them as a floor-standing fixture.

These signage display stands with plastic frames are often found displaying signs in a grocery store or deli. Here, the show card signholders can be placed on countertops, or within large food presentations, such as a cheese display or on a supermarket endcap. The signage display stands with plastic frames can be used to present prices for food merchandise by the pound in these locations. The signholders can also be used to draw attention to grocery merchandise that may be on sale that particular week.

signage display stands with plastic frames

These signage display stands with plastic frames feature a top-loading design. Users can simply insert their advertisements using the top slot. As a result, these merchandise are ideal for locations with frequently changing graphics or advertisements. Each unit also comes with two signholder options: 1) buying a signage display stand with plastic frame for printed graphics; or 2) a unit with a black glossy, write-on board. Each of the units for printed advertisements include two non-glare, PVC lenses. These lenses help to prevent glare from hindering the view of your displayed advertisements. Simply insert your sign in between the two lenses, and insert into the plastic frames.

The poster holders with a write-on board are designed for use with wet-erase or liquid chalk markers. These particular advertisement display fixtures are often used in grocery stores, within meat or produce departments. In these locations, the s stands with plastic frames can be used to advertise the local price by the pound for certain food merchandise. Users can also easily change their written messages by simply using a damp cloth. Neon wet-erase markers are sold separately on this website. The neon colors of the markers, contrasted against the glossy black background, ensure written messages will be noticed and easily read by patrons.

These particular poster displays include an pole that can be height adjusting. Users can then extend the stand from 26-1/4" to 47" (not including the frame height). As a result, each unit can be used on both a countertop or as a floor-standing fixture as well. The pole is durably crafted to ensure longevity. The poles range in material, from aluminum to fiberglass. There are also a variety of base shapes and sizes to choose from as well, from economy to heavy-duty. Heavy-duty bases ensure your signholders won't tip over easily.

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