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Window Display System with Ceiling Cable Suspension System

Illuminated Ceiling Hanging Window Displays - Multi-Panel Grids

Window display system that consumes less energy than neon units The window display system, called an illuminating poster panel, is the newest innovation in store front advertising! Restaurants, retailers and service businesses have used the illuminated poster holder for decades. However, these businesses have long awaited a window display system with a new cutting-edge style. A unique, dual panel design makes this cable system just the display these advertisers have been waiting for! Each window display system consists of two acrylic panels fixed together with decorative hardware. Included with each unit is a cable suspension system for hanging. The window display system cable systems included steel wire, aluminum clamps and ceiling fixtures. The combination of stylish hanging kit and modern-looking poster holder make this advertising fixture a great addition to any storefront.

These window display systemes hold custom posters! Why buy a window display system suspended on a cable system? Users can position these LED poster holders everywhere in a business. That is why! Commonly, advertisers hang this window display system in a window facing a walkway with heavy pedestrian traffic for outdoor visibility. Although, this cable system can be set up virtually everywhere, except where there is a drop support ceiling. Other common locations a user might position a window display system are behind a checkout counter or service desk, next a store fixture or over an entranceway. The versatile cable suspension system included with this LED poster holder allows users to hang this fixture in any of these locations.

The window display system ships fast when in-stock Why is this LED window display system superior to neon signs?
  • LED lighting is more energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs found in neon signage.
  • Power expenses are reduced with this window display system due to the increased energy efficiency.
  • Custom posters can be updated frequently, as they slide in and out between the panels.
  • LED bulbs in each window display system virtually never need to be replaced.
  • Due to the reduced power consumption, these signs are more environmentally friendly than neon signs.

These window display systemes are basically two acrylic panels kitted together with a cable suspension system, as mentioned earlier. The back panel has the LED lighting components embedded in it. Each window display system has a stylish edge-lit effect, created by the diffusion of lighting throughout the unit, all the way to the beveled edges of the acrylic backer. A light diffusion pattern is built into the backer, over the LED bulbs, to illuminate the visible area of each poster evenly. The acrylic overlay of each window display system features a silkscreened black border. The border is opaque, so lighting only passes through the clear viewable areas on the lens. The opaque black border deflects the lighting of the backer's beveled edges, resulting in a glowing effect that captivates viewers.

What differentiates these signs from traditional lightboxes?
  • Frameless design. These illuminated poster boxes do not have aluminum framing.
  • Ceiling hanging hardware. Advertisers can hang this poster suspension display practically everywhere, including in windows for outdoor visibility.
  • Contemporary style. When the acrylic signs are fixed together the display is only 3/8" thick.
  • Outer glow. Unlike a lightbox with an aluminum frame, the edges of this panel illuminate.

Unlike many neon signs, these lightboxes can be updated with new signage at a moment's notice. Users simply need to loosen the bottom set of decorative hardware, separate the panels slightly, then insert new posters. Graphics printed on a translucent material should be used with these LED poster holders to maximize the illumination. Energy efficient LED sign panels are available for multiple sizes of print, including 8-1/2" x 11" and 11" x 17". Displays for one, two, three and even four posters are also available in this category. All cable suspended lightup boxes in this category sell with cable system hardware included.

Illuminated sign panels and suspension systems are two of the most innovative and cutting-edge point-of-sale displays on the market. Each lightup suspended poster holder in this category is a combination of these design trends. Businesses, ranging from restaurants to retailers, can benefit from advertising with this display, instead of neon signs, outdoor displays or traditional poster frames. While these signage suspension systems are great for a retail store or service-oriented business, there are traditional displays for sale in this online catalog as well. Storefront advertising fixtures for windows is only one category of display fixtures sold on this website. Other categories included acrylic sign matrixes, lightbox grids, outdoor signs, tradeshow supplies, retail store fixtures, restaurant equipment, picture frames outdoor message flags and a variety of other signs.

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