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Backlit Display With Ceiling Hanging Cable Suspension Hardware

Back-lit Sign Displays with Cable Suspension System

This backlit display in a storefront windowWhat sets this backlit display apart from other window displays? Each illuminated poster panel in this category of products features a slim profile less than half an inch thick! This backlit display is lightweight enough to suspended on cable matrices as a result! There are several different types of cable configurations to choose form including ceiling hanging, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling designs! Each window sign, backlit display provides businesses ranging from retailers to restaurants an exciting energy efficient lighting solution. The ultra-sleek design of these units help retail stores create brand identity of innovation and distinction in their front window!

This backlit display features some of the newest and most innovative advertising equipment for sale anywhere! Custom-tailored and unique window displays such as these are a critical piece to the puzzle of how to generate more walk-in foot traffic and sales! Additionally, each backlit display, also known as cable suspension systems, has LED lighting so advertisements are sure to draw customers’ attention. The unique features that differentiate these window signs from other suspended cable systems are include light-emitting diode illumination, frameless panels, unique configurations and premium standoff hardware.

Why will this backlit window display demand more attention than other illuminated advertising, such as neon signage?

  • The acrylic back panel has beveled edges that illuminate, creating an enchanting effect.
  • A slim profile of less than 1" combine with a frameless construction gives each backlit display a modern, streamlined look.
  • Decorative signage hardware and mounting equipment enhances the acrylic panels, and looks better than the typical chain and ceiling bracket used to hang storefront poster frames.
  • Each backlit display has a diffusion pattern over the back of the frame to disperse light evenly throughout the viewing area.
  • The LED lighting used in these panels is brighter than many neon units!

Gain outdoor advertising exposure with this backlit window display One primary feature differentials the black from the silver units. Each black frame features an acrylic overlay with the border silkscreened onto the lens. Each silver signage panel comes with stick-on frames that attach to the acrylic overlay, creating a border around each print. Both styles and colors have a virtually identical construction besides the stick-on frames. The clear acrylic backer has embedded LED lighting. The illuminated frames come with an acrylic lens that is only 1/8" thick. Decorative hardware connects the panels. Each black border frame comes with matte black signage hardware, while the clear units come with chrome standoffs. Both styles come with a suspension kit featuring chrome-finish fixtures. Graphics fit between the panels.

Why buy a backlit display from this website, instead of a competitor's neon signage?

  • Selection. Each category of products includes multiple options to choose form.
  • Diversity. There are 1000s of unique items to choose from. Businesses can outfit an entire storefront with displays from this site.
  • Price. As one of the nation's largest display retailers, Displays2go offers wholesale pricing that simply cannot be matched.
  • Fast shipping. Most items are stocked in our warehouse located in Fall River, MA. The result is short lead times.

Three distinct mount options are available for these LED poster panels; wall-to-wall, hanging and ceiling-to-floor. These are options users do not have with custom neon displays. The wall-to-wall systems are the most unique, as they feature horizontal wires anchored into the walls. However, users must check their windows to ensure their structure is compatible with this style of mounting fixture. Hanging poster panels can be positioned practically everywhere, not just in storefront windows. Many advertisers prefer the ceiling-to-floor suspension systems because they do not sway if bumped. Each of these three styles of suspension systems sell in matrix configurations for exhibiting multiple posters as well.

The Backlit Display is visible from outdoors!

The suspension kits included with each system have aluminum components with a satin silver finish. Thin steel wire that is extraordinarily strong holds the light box panels. Neon signage is often held by bulky chain kits, which are not near as stylish as these cable systems. The satin finish stylishly contrasts with the border and hardware of the black units. While it coordinates with the clear units. Each hardware kit comes with steel cable that is extraordinarily strong, so it will not snap when pulled taut by the fixtures. Unlike neon displays hung with chains, these displays actually enhance the décor of an institution. Furthermore, when suspended in a storefront with the cable systems, these displays are just as visible as neon signage.

Retailers, restaurants and service businesses buy these displays for many reasons. One of the main reasons is outdoor advertising exposure without the hassle and maintenance of a sidewalk stand or exterior banner. The bright LED illumination of each panel makes these illuminating poster systems just as visible to potential customers outside your institution as an a-frame would be. The slim profile is critical to creating a display that weighs less than traditional neon signs so users can hang posters in a store front to get the attention of those walking by their establishment! Additionally, the innovative design provides customers with a positive image or the institution. Outdoor customers will be drawn inside the business as well, since the fixtures are located just inside the windows, not outside.

When shopping with this company, users have the option to purchase traditional displays for targeting older consumers or alternative displays for appealing to today's different type of client! This online catalog is filled with advertising equipment for use in conjunction with this suspended signage panel system. Both indoor and outdoor poster frames, banners and store fixtures are available. From the main shopping page, customers will find a wide selection of displays, ranging from these frameless signage panels to trade show displays. Retail advertising fixtures, also known as POP displays, are this company's specialty. Each product page features detailed information, which provides shoppers with all the information necessary to make an aware decision on which display is right for their needs, décor and budget! Buy one of the innovative light boxes featured on this page to transform business windows into a storefront exhibit that will draw in new customers and generate sales!

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