LED Sign Display For Storefront Advertising

Floor-to-Ceiling Illuminated Multi-Paneled LED Sign Displays

LED sign display systems for windows.This LED sign display, often referred to as an illuminated signage panel, offers businesses a unique way to make a storefront stand out from the competition! Storefronts can use a wide array of point-of-purchase displays in the effort to capture walk-in customers, many of which are ineffective or incomplete. These LED sign display grids will create a competitive advantage for enterprises that generate a significant percentage of revenue from potential customers that are attracted in from the street, who then make an impulse purchase. The increased business the window signage matrix is capable of generating can provide just the increase in sales needed to help your business jump to the next level. How will the LED sign display accomplish generating this increase in consumer foot-traffic, which will in turn lead to an increase in sales? There are several reasons this illuminated poster matrix selection will prove more effective than other promotional signs.

This LED sign display comes with a ceiling-to-floor hanging kit!Each LED sign display used in the matrices seen above has a thin construction, which consists of two acrylic panels fixed together with decorative hardware. Compared to traditional illuminated poster displays, the frameless and thin design of these illuminated poster girds, has a sleek look. The LED sign display conveys a subtle message to consumers that the business is innovative and on the cutting-edge of its field as a result. Additionally, the ceiling-to-floor mounting hardware that suspends the illuminated poster panels has a metal construction with a satin silver finish, which exudes a sophisticated image. The list of features making this style of LED sign display superior to comparable displays offered by competitors is considerable. Yet, there are many other features specifically designed to benefit the business using the sign panel matrix. These small engineering intricacies customers viewing the LED sign display may never notice. However, the institution using this poster matrix in their storefront will definitely appreciate the user-friendly aspects of the unit.

Each LED sign display matrix is ideal for hanging in retail stores or restaurants!Unlike neon signage, each LED sign display has lighting generated from light emitting diodes. What does this mean for businesses advertising with this storefront display? First, an LED sign display is more energy efficient than neon signage. This means the business that chooses to advertising with these poster matrices will save a considerable amount of money on energy costs over time. This LED sign display will also help reduce a company's carbon footprint when compared to hanging light boxes with neon or florescent lighting. Today's client is every more environmentally conscious, so the environmentally-friendly aspect of these hanging LED sign display systems should not be overlooked! Basically, the energy efficient lighting of this unit has two benefits; a positive public image and cost saving capabilities.

What unique features does each LED sign display in this category have?
  • A slim profile less than half an inch thick that results in a lightweight.
  • LED backlighting to make each LED sign display energy efficient.
  • Ceiling-to-floor suspension cables to securely hold the panels in place.
  • Edges that illuminate, which creates a glowing effect when deflected by the opaque black overlay.
  • Decorative screw caps secure the overlay and backer together.

Users can buy two of these matrices and mount the grids back-to-back to create an advertising fixture visible both from an outdoor vantage point and on the showroom floor. The only limit on the configurations and utilization possibilities of these displays is the advertiser's own imagination. Each column of lightboxes comes with two 16' long steel wires for suspending the panels in rooms with high ceilings. Additionally, the long lengths of wire allow businesses to hang the illuminated panel grids in tall storefront windows for outdoor advertising visibility.

What are the ideal locations to hang these illuminated poster grids?
  • Storefront windows for advertising to outdoor pedestrians.
  • Inside retail stores, often positioned against a wall or next to store fixtures.
  • Restaurant windows to promote menu items to outdoor foot traffic.
  • Transportation hubs to post schedules or promote local businesses

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