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LED Illuminated Sign for Window Advertising

Ceiling-to-Floor LED Illuminated Signs for Retail Advertising

This LED illuminated sign is backlit! How does this LED illuminated sign collection differ from other light boxes sold online? Design, style, functionality and construction are the points of differentiation between these sign matrixes and traditional neon signage or florescent backlit displays. Each LED illuminated sign for sale in this category has a frameless and slender design, which is a unique alternative to traditional light boxes with thick aluminum frames. Two acrylic panels held together with decorative hardware form each poster holder. This LED illuminated sign, also known as a backlit window display, has a slender profile less than half an inch thick. Lighting components are built into the acrylic backer. Only an LED illuminated sign can feature this slim profile design for such an economical cost because the light emitting diodes are small enough to fit in the 1/4" thick acrylic construction of the backer!

This LED illuminated sign is in-stock, ready for immediate shipment! The unique design of this LED illuminated sign series leads to the second point of differentiation between these poster panels and light boxes or neon units. Each LED illuminated sign has a contemporary and innovative style. The metal cable system components have a satin silver finish, which enhances the stylish poster panel. Furthermore, the contrast created between the black border on the LED illuminated sign and the silver mounting hardware adds a touch of upscale style to the display. No matter what the product or service being sold is, these backlit signage grids will effectively build the brand image into something consumers will identify with, leading to potential customers becoming repeat customers! These LED illuminated sign grids are ideal for businesses with a target market consisting of consumers that identify with staying on the cutting edge of technology and the latest trends.

While the design and style of this display are superior to traditional light boxes, remarkable functionality and reliability are just as critical for businesses to reap a adequate return-on-investment when purchasing a backlit display. Each LED illuminated sign effectively and expeditiously illuminates graphics printed on translucent materials. The viewable area of each poster has a light diffusion pattern that evenly disperses the illumination throughout each graphic. This LED illuminated sign, much like a light box, makes graphics much more visible than in a traditional poster frame. Whether being viewed from behind a window or on a showroom floor, the bright lighting will increase the number of potential customers that stop to take note or your advertisements.

This LED illuminated sign is backlit to brightly illuminate graphics! Why advertise with an LED illuminated sign matrix instead of other light boxes?
  • These backlit signage grids consume less energy than many traditional light boxes and neon signage.
  • Suspending an LED illuminated sign on a cable system is unique when compared to traditional window displays.
  • The unique design and style of these signage matrices create an innovative company image for the business advertising with them.

Each illuminating poster holder, much like a standoff sign, has a construction consisting of two acrylic panels connected with decorative black signage hardware. The acrylic overlay has a black border silkscreened onto the surface. The acrylic backer is clear with beveled edges that illuminate. Due to the opacity of the black acrylic overlay, the lighting along the backer's edges is deflected, which creates a soft glowing effect around each panel. The cable system components have an aluminum construction with a satin silver finish, while the wire is constructed from steel with a nylon coating.

How has this online catalog become the leading supplier of light boxes and point-of-purchase advertising fixtures in the nation?
  • The company's team of merchandisers and engineers continually develop products with a design and style that keep up with the latest POS advertising trends.
  • Displays2go's marketing team tirelessly works to ensure shoppers on this site have all the information they need to make an aware purchase.
  • Each series of poster holder under goes rigorous inspections for quality construction and packaging.

The slender profile of these floor-to-ceiling matrixes is critical to the unique functionality of the display. This unique functionality is the ability to exhibit many graphics in a confined area, unlike larger light boxes or neon signage. Differentiation in the storefront advertising equipment a business uses is critical to successfully generating more foot traffic and increased sales revenue. The innovative POP displays sold in this online catalog are just the products needed to create unique window displays. Each category of advertising display comes with many options to choose from in order to provide companies the ability to develop and build a compilation of advertising equipment unique to their individual needs and budget.

Displays2go has supplied the nation's most successful businesses with quality point-of-purchase displays since 1974. Since the company's founding, it has grown to become the dominate player in the market for durable advertising equipment. While this company is the industry leader, it is also the industry innovator, bringing to market displays such as these backlit light boxes that are less than half an inch thick. Everything from neon-like window signs, to store fixtures, to trade show supplies is available on this website. The reason such a wide variety of window displays, signage matrixes, poster frame grids, light boxes and backlit panels are offered is to allow businesses to buy all the necessary equipment to execute a successful advertising campaign from a single source!

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