Digital Advertising Screens with Built-In Media Players

Electronic Advertising Screens with Wall or Ceiling Mounting Brackets

wall mounted digital advertising screen

How can I use flat panel displays to promote my business? Digital advertising screens are the answer. The marketing industry has been using more electronic ads as time passes, and the better the technology gets, the more clean, vivid, and affordable it becomes. Now almost any establishment can afford digital advertising screens to feature dynamic advertisements. These LCD media solutions are highly versatile — they're used in banks, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, transportation hubs, and casinos. Keep reading to find out how these digital advertising screens can assist any establishment.

How can this electronic signage help businesses meet their goals?
  • Promotion – Digital advertising screens are great for reaching out to passersby with their dynamic imagery. Videos and slideshows create moving graphics that are hard to ignore.
    • Retail stores use e-posters to feature multiple ads in one place. Feature an entire ad campaign and promote multiple product lines, sales, and special offers at once!
    • Restaurants display menu items and specials to give customers a better idea on what to order. There's no need to put up a new sign for a new dish, just add it to the slideshow! Bars can inform patrons about what's on tap as well as upcoming events.
  • Entertainment – What's a TV without programming? Advertising screens are ideal for a number of industries where customers have a need for entertainment. Restaurants, bars, and casinos may be the first that come to mind, but hospitals, doctor's offices, and even places like the DMV also benefit. Keep waiting people occupied with a live TV feed to make their experience more enjoyable.
  • Information – Flat panel displays excel at featuring a large quantity of information in one place. This is why transportation hubs like train stations and airport terminals use them to display arrival and departure times. Corporate IT departments and even military command centers efficiently keep track of data with multi-monitor video walls.

Advertising screens are offered in many different forms and functions to suit any of these needs. The most basic design highlighted here is "plug & play". It's just like it sounds: plug in a USB drive with your media into the device to put it on the flat panel. This is a convenient solution, easy enough for the most technologically-inept of us to operate! Think you don't have the know-how to use these electronic posters? Think again! Plug & play functionality requires only the ability to save images and video to a USB, plug it into a media player, and use an on-screen menu (like a DVD player) to play whatever content you want.

What Are The Steps To Incorporating E-posters?
  1. Purchase a flat panel kit from the above selection.
  2. Create your own ads using the included template service or your own editing software. Create your photo, slideshow, or video ads that best serve your business.
  3. Save your content to a USB thumb drive.
  4. Plug it into the TV or standalone media player.
  5. Use the included remote to set up your presentation. You're done!
Video wall display

Our screen solutions include both the hardware and software needed to create effective graphics. These electronic displays are offered with mounting hardware for affixing to walls or ceilings. Some mounts have adjustable designs while others can lock to protect valuable monitors from being stolen. Check each model's specifications to see what it's capable of.
Want an extra large display? We offer video walls that are made of multiple monitors to cover a big area with dynamic programming. This option is great for advertising in large spaces like department stores and malls. Video walls excel when displaying a bulk of information in terminals and command centers as well.

The built-in media player in each screen uses LG® SuperSign software to create your desired display. This allows users to set up multiple sections on the display that serve different purposes. For example, in a bar, the flat panels can be programmed to a football game while supplemented with drink or appetizer specials on the side. Patrons are going to be looking at the TV, so why not use it to feature your advertisements at the same time? Put your content where the patrons will have their attention focused anyways, instead of static prints on the table or in the menu. Create an entirely custom presentation that serves your business the best!

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