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Digital Poster with Wall or Ceiling Mounting Brackets - Media Player With Mounting System

Digital PosterLooking for a way to take your marketing to the next level? Digital posters are the answer. The movement towards more technologically-based ads has been steadily gaining momentum. Digital poster takes those traditional prints and turn them into something spectacular. Crisp, clean, vivid images, along with movement help to make the advertisement more enticing to customers or patrons. These digital media solutions have been used anyplace from banks or retail stores to restaurants, hotels, transportation hubs, hospitals and casinos. Incorporating digital poster has been proven, especially in quick service restaurants, to decrease the perceived waiting time. This means that having dynamic media to look at keeps customers entertained while waiting, seemingly making time pass faster. The presence of digital poster enhances consumer experience at your institution and increases the likelihood of a return visit. There are many benefits to including digital signage into your current marketing scheme.

Digital PosterDigital posters, also known as media displays, are available in many different forms and functions to suit the needs of all customers. The most basic, highlighted here, is plug & play. Digital displays, digital posters utilize a USB port and thumb drive to quickly and easily show electronic signs on an LCD or LED screen. This is built to be a universal solution, easy enough for the most technologically-inept persons to operate. Think you do not have the know-how to spruce up your business with this digital poster? Think again! Plug & play functionality requires only the ability to save a JPG file to a USB, plug it into a media player and use an on-screen menu (similar to that of a DVD player) to play the content!

What Are the Key Digital Poster Terms and Their Definitions?
  • Full-Screen Content Only: This digital poster will play full screen static images, a slideshow, or video (on some models) only. Photo-editing software can be used to create intricate advertisements, but they must be saved as a flat image (JPG).
  • Template Creator: This is now included with all digital posters. This gives online access to easy and intuitive ad creation software. Use this free service to create visually stunning, full screen ads to play on any of the available players.
  • Plug & Play/USB Advertising: This simply means that to display ads on a screen, you will save the file to a USB thumb drive and plug it into the media player. Then use the remote to play the digital poster on the screen. It's that easy!
  • Mounts:
    • Stationary: flat against a wall
    • Articulating: arms to move the electronic poster away from the wall, and at varying angles
    • Ceiling Hung: screws directly into a ceiling, often able to rotate 360°
  • Media Player:
    • Built-In: No external hardware required. The electronic posters have player software engineered right in.
    • External: The media player is a separate hardware component. It must be physically connected to the monitor (by HDMI or other cable). The hardware must be placed in close physical proximity to the monitor.
  • SuperSign Software: SuperSign software is sent along with your TV purchase on select LG® models. Install on a computer to customize pre-built templates with your own images and text. Many templates include live TV, as well.
What Are The Steps To Incorporating E-posters?
  • Purchase a player or kit from the above selection.
  • Create your own ads using the free service included with all electronic posters or photo-editing software, or simply use full screen images (taken from a camera). Various video formats are also supported (see individual product for details).
  • Save an e-poster or video to a USB thumb drive.
  • Plug USB into media player or rear of TV (for a engineered-in player).
  • Use the included remote to navigate through the menu on the screens to find and view your e-posters.
  • The flash drive is automatically detected by the TV.

E-PostersThese non-network media player displays include both the hardware and software needed to start creating stunning dynamic advertisements. These digital displays are offered with or without mounting hardware (see individual description to ensure you are purchasing the correct item for your needs). Most of the electronic posters are LCD or LED screens with a engineered-in media device. This eliminates the need to purchase separate components! However, if you are already in possession of suitable LCD or LED screens and are simply looking for the hardware to play full screen advertisements, the stand-alone media device is the right choice! It is important to note that the stand-alone player does not include LG® SuperSign software.

SuperSign software allows users to create ads with live TV engineered right in. This e-poster is ideal for many different industries, but especially in places like bars or waiting areas of airports or bus stations. In a bar, the screens can be programmed to a sporting event (baseball, boxing, football, basketball, etc.), and can be supplemented with on-screen content of drink or appetizer specials, for example. This is a great way to increase sales of those impulse items! Owners know that patrons are going to be looking at the TV, so why compete with it to capture their attention for your advertisements? We all know how the saying goes, "If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them!". Put your advertisements where the patrons will have their attention focused anyways, instead of static prints on the table or in the menu. Transportation hubs (airports, bus stations, etc.) are a great place for advertising because potential customers or patrons often have nothing to do but wait. It is a rare opportunity in this day and age to find someone whom is not busy doing something. Advertisers must seize this opportunity when it arises and using this e-poster software is a great way to do so! Waiting patrons will be excited by the opportunity to pass the time watching television, and will be unable to avoid the advertisements that are displayed on the same screens.

The above LED and LCD monitor screens are non-network solutions that do not require an internet or local area network connection to function properly. Software is engineered directly into the e-poster, along with a USB port to accept a thumb drive pre-loaded with image or video files (specific products only). Digital signs that operate on a network are usually web-based, with remote content updating capabilities. This means that users can update their e-poster from any world-wide-web network connected computer! These commercial displays often have zoned content, as well.

Many of the available television sizes that say "Plus Wall Bracket" or "Plus Ceiling Mount" offer a mounted digital display. The movement of dynamic signs ensures that potential customers or patrons are drawn to the advertisement. In commercial settings, this type of monitor is quickly becoming the go-to form of point-of-purchase marketing! Whether hung on a wall, sitting on a counter or suspended from the ceiling, the electronic poster is a great way to show visually-stunning ads! The SuperSign TVs are popular for incorporating live TV with static content.

An electronic poster can quickly transform the look of your business! In addition to these sign displays, there are also solutions that are mounted on metal bases. Media kits on TV stands are a great choice for lobbies in hotels or conference rooms in office buildings. Utilizing LCD screens to advertise really is the wave of the future and Displays2go is here to help your company make the transition. Trust Displays2Go for all your other point-of-purchase display needs, as well. The company has been in business for over 40 years, providing all the displays needed to make any business successful! Start shopping online today! It all started as a one-man hobby in his garage and today it has transformed into one of the most successful point of purchase marketing companies on the web! Visitors can find over 7,000 unique products, each with a specific purpose to help business-owners. Restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments will find these technologically-advanced marketing items to be a welcome addition. The full-screen image displayer utilizes either an articulating, stationary or ceiling-mount bracket for the ultimate functionality. The plug & play advertiser / player is an all-in-one advertiser, some with zoned content and live TV! This product could also be recognized as an e poster.

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