Office Signs for Ceiling Hanging

Ceiling Suspended Office Signage w/ Non-Glare Lens

Office Sign for Ceiling Hanging

What can businesses display with these office signs? This kit is perfect for use as directional signage in any business. These custom office signs provide versatility as the inserts can easily be switched out. This display holds custom inserts that the user chooses. These office signs, also known as way finding displays, come with ceiling hanging hardware to prominently show the signage in any business interior space such as a lobby. These curved frames for ceiling suspension are available in various sizes ranging. These office signs allow purchasers to insert any flat, flexible graphic. This suspended signage has a non-glare lens on both sides. This office sign are double sided so people coming from either direction can see the display. This curved suspended signage comes with already attached cable wire and mounting screws to attach the satin silver fixed mounts to the ceiling.

Where can these office signs for ceiling hanging be used?
  • This curved signage can be used in businesses and corporate buildings to direct visitors where to go.
  • This office sign is ideal for use in a lobby.
  • This custom sign can be utilized in virtually any interior environment.
  • These office signs can be used in restaurants, airports, hotels, hospitals, college buildings, any business lobby area and much more!
Office Sign with Nonglare Lens

This signage is made from black anodized aluminum that fits into any environment. This office sign is ideal for use as directional signage for businesses. If a business is updating the interior d├ęcor or moving rooms around, this display can be changed easily with a new insert at any time! This curved ceiling signage, office sign includes a non-glare lens so it can be seen easily. Way finding signage such as this is used in many businesses to clearly mark areas of a building. This way finding signage for ceiling hanging use comes in a variety of available sizes. These displays can be mounted on virtually any interior ceiling in any business environment with the included hardware. This custom office sign can be used in airports to mark gates or baggage claim, in universities to direct students with classroom numbers, in office buildings to mark departments or the lobby area, in hospitals to direct people to different wings, and more!

Office Sign with Ceiling Hanging Hardware What comes with the purchase of these office signs?
  • This curved suspended signage includes a dual sided extrusion.
  • This office sign comes with black anodized end caps for a stylish appearance.
  • These displays come with a .04" matte non-glare lens and all hanging hardware.
  • These office signs also include a suction cup to easily remove the lens.

This directional signage allows visitors to locate the correct place in a business such as the lobby. These displays are often utilized in corporate buildings and even a lobby. Purchasers can insert graphics that say "Lobby", "Reception", "Financial Accounting", or even "Marketing". This signage is also used in colleges and universities. Oftentimes college building are filled with long corridors and closed doorways so this display can be used to mark departments or inform students of classroom numbers down any given hallway. This signage can also be used in main university buildings to mark financial aid, infirmaries, and any other areas within the building.

This signage includes a suction cup to easily remove the lens and insert custom graphics. This dual sided display includes ceiling hanging cable wire and fixed mounts. The non-glare lens ensures that indoor lighting does not interfere with the visibility of directional graphics. This signage comes with everything needed to install right away. Directional displays are ideal for all types of businesses to mark areas such as a lobby! This signage is made of durable materials and will provide a lasting display in any institution. The black anodized extrusion is the same on either side of the signage and fits same sized custom inserts.

This display is sold as part of the Signage Frame category. This way finding signage is available in a variety of sizes. The curved interior display is ideal for many businesses. This category has a large selection of customizable frames. In addition to supplies for business signage, this site has 1000s of in stock POP displays to pick from. Browse this online catalog to find all advertising display needs!

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