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Acrylic Light Panels Suspended on Wall-to-Wall Cable Systems

Wall-to-Wall Acrylic Light Panels in Different Sizes

These Acrylic Light Panels Consume less Energy than Units with Fluorescent Bulbs! Why buy these acrylic light panels to exhibit graphics instead of a cheaper poster holder without lighting? The reason is these sign holders are uniquely engineered to not only illuminate signage, but also to have a stunningly modern look that will ensure customers' attention immediately snaps to the display. These acrylic light panels, also known as poster holders with lighting, are less than 1" thick thanks to an ingenious design. Restaurants finally have a panel to display menus in a stylish way, while retailers can post advertisements in displays that actually enhance the showroom floor! These suspended acrylic light panels come in both 8-1/2" x 11" and 11" x 17" sizes, perfect for exhibiting menus, advertisements and notices!

These Acrylic Light Panels Consume less Energy than Units with Fluorescent Bulbs! Each sign holder is constructed from (1) sheet of 1/4" thick acrylic and (1) sheet of 1/8" thick acrylic. These acrylic light panels have a very slim profile as a result. In fact, the thickness of the frame when both acrylic sheets are fixed together is less than 1"! A diffusion patter over the visible area of each graphic evenly disperses lighting throughout these acrylic light panels. Unlike florescent bulbs, the small LED lighting fixtures are built into the thin sheet of acrylic that constitutes the backer. The acrylic light panels have a relatively light weight when compared to an illuminated sign box with bulky aluminum framing. A light weight is exactly what enables each sign frame to be suspended on the cable system.

These Acrylic Light Panels are Constructed from Thin Plastic Sheets! Acrylic light panels, like a poster frame, exhibit graphics on a wall. Except, these illuminating sign holders are elevated off the wall surface approximately 2" by a decorative cable system. This small adjustment in how the frames are mounted to a wall makes a huge difference in the appearance of these window displays. These acrylic light panels are simply more eye-catching, and as a result, more effective at capturing a target market's attention. Obviously, the unique mounting system is part of the reason these signs are more effective than standard frames. However, the innovative acrylic light panels are a large factor in the success of these displays as well.

The beveled edges on the sheet of material that creates the backer illuminates when the display is plugged in. The power cord measures several feet long, so there will be ample length to reach the nearest outlet. There are not lighting components on the edges of the backer; illumination simply travels though the sheet of material from the center of the backer. This process is helped by the lighting diffusion pattern over the visible area of the graphics. However, the opaque black overlay sheet deflects the lighting, which creates a glowing effect. The fact that each illuminating panel is suspended only a couple of inches off the wall enhances the effect, as the unit's soft glow bounces off the wall behind it.

Why buy this style of illuminated poster holder over a traditional lightup sign box?
  • These signs have LED illumination oppose to fluorescent bulbs. As a result, these window displays consume less energy while illuminating advertisements.
  • These sign frames come in the perfect size for displaying everything from menus to promotional graphics.
  • The fact these units do not have a pre-determined message, such as many neon and florescent signs do, allows users to update posters on a whim.
  • The innovative, sheet-like design of each panel allows it to be suspended on a cable system, forming a display that pops out compared to a traditional poster frame.
What settings are these signage systems seen in?
  • Retailers often use these cable systems to help sell merchandise of all types. One might see these displays side-by-side next to store fixtures.
  • Restaurants will post menus and specials in these cable systems to give patrons a look at what they may want to order once seated.
  • Real estate agencies will exhibit feature properties in displays such as this cable system. The bright illumination is ideal for highlighting properties that high-end customers might want to buy.

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