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LED Illuminated Signs for Menus and Small Posters

Wall-to-Wall LED Illuminated Signs - Perfect for Advertising New Products

These LED Illuminated Signs Glow! These LED illuminated signs, often called poster holders, are engineered as a premium alternative to standard light boxes and neon window displays! Every trait of this cable system is carefully engineered to convey a sense of style and sophistication in the storefront or showroom of the business advertising with it. What features make these LED illuminated signs such a drastic alternative to older-style neon displays and light boxes? There are two main points of differentiation with other window displays; the innovative design of the backlit panels and the contemporary style of the cable system.

LED Illuminated Signs are Just as Bright as Neon Light Boxes! The LED illuminated signs come with panels consisting of two thin sheets of acrylic. Decorative hardware with a matte black finish fixes each acrylic sheet to the other. Lighting components are embedded in the backer of these LED illuminated signs. Despite housing the backlighting, the backer is only 1/4" thick. The overlay measures 1/8" thick. Posters slide in-between the two panels, and can be updated as often as needed. The backers of these LED illuminated signs have a light diffusion pattern that evenly disperses backlighting throughout the visible area of each poster.

The mere fact these panels have such a thin profile, yet have backlighting is more than enough to differentiate them from other light boxes. However, these LED illuminated signs have more innovative distinguishing traits! The edges of the back acrylic panel are beveled. As a result, the edges of these LED illuminated signs light up! A black border on the acrylic overlay lens deflects the lighting, which creates a soft glow. This illumination is greatly enhanced by the fact these LED illuminated signs are mounted only inches from the wall. So the lighting emanating from the backer is deflects off the wall to create a mesmerizing effect.

LED Illuminated Signs are Ideal for Use Next to Neon OPEN Signage! Where do businesses mount these LED illuminated signs?
  • The signage matrix can often be seen behind a checkout or service counter promoting impulse products that consumers may buy on a whim.
  • Windows are an excellent location for these LED illuminated signs. A backdrop wall is required for effective display in a storefront window.
  • Restaurants mount these LED illuminated signs just inside entranceways to promote nightly dinner and drink specials.
  • Retailers commonly position the illuminating sign matrix throughout showroom floors next to store fixtures to promote items on sale.

In addition to the uniquely designed acrylic panels, the cable system enhances the modern style of the unit. The panel clamps and wall mounts have an aluminum construction with a satin silver finish. The various mounting components create a striking contrast with the black border on the acrylic overlay. As a result, these posters holders have a very cutting-edge look. Lengths of 16' long steel wire are included, so there is more than ample cable for configuring the display on tall walls. Setscrews built into each fixture securely grip the wire and backlit signage panels. The coils of steel wire have a nylon coating so the ends will not fray when cut to the designed length.

What advantages does a sign grid provide over a traditional poster holder?
  • These poster holders are modular, so advertisers can mount them side-by-side to display multiple menus or small size posters. The cohesive appearance of multiple columns of these sign grids mounted side-by-side simply cannot be duplicated by light boxes or neon displays.
  • The innovative two-panel design is a stylish alternative to poster holders with bulky or thick frames. The uniquely engineered style of this system generates a memorable impression about the company in the minds of consumers.
  • Posters slide into these units in seconds for updating custom graphics. Unlike many light boxes or neon OPEN signage, there is no long involved process for inserting new advertisements.
  • The fact each system displays either 8-1/2" x 11" or 11" x 17" prints allows users to change between menus, promotional advertisements, and notices seamlessly since all those types of prints can be created in the standard sizes these panels come in.

While these light-up poster holders serve as a great alternative to light boxes and neon signage, those same displays can also be used in conjunction this poster system. The outer glow originating from the backer of these sign girds combines with the poster backlighting to bring all types of advertisements to life. Since these units are so captivating, other light boxes and neon OPEN signage are great to convey a simple message alongside these displays. Customers that buy this wall-to-wall sign matrix for use in windows will often buy additional displays from this site for use throughout the store.

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