Digital Photoframe For Promoting Commercial Products & Services

Digital Photoframes and Media Players for Digital Signage

Digital photoframe features an LCD screenWhy buy this digital photoframe instead of a traditional picture display? Simple, an LCD screen that plays dynamic content is far more captivating, whether used in a business or home. The digital photoframe for advertising, unlike many other photo holders, can cycle through JPEG format pictures and images, creating a slide show of advertisements or personal photos. Additionally, many of these electronic displays can play video as well. Users can set this digital photoframe that advertises products and services to show only a single picture as well, if that is their preference. The options are numerous when showing signage with one of these electronic displays!

What special features are designed into some of these digital photoframes?
  • An LCD screen with LED backlight.
  • The digital photoframe displays video or image files from a USB or an SD storage disc.
  • Mount either vertically or horizontally. (Landscape orientation only when used on a counter.)
  • Digital photoframe has a engineered-in speaker system for a visual and audio presentation.
  • 2GB of integrated memory allows files to be loaded directly onto the picture display itself.
  • VESA hole spacing: 100x100.
  • 720p HDTV resolution.

Digital photoframe in-stock ready to ship!This digital photoframe selection features LCD panels! LED backlighting makes the content highly visible in any type of room. Both 19" and 15" size screens are available! Additionally, digital photoframes with a gloss black border are offered as a contemporary-looking alternative to screens with a matte black finish and a white interior accent border. The fact this selection of electronic signage includes units with an modern-style profile, as well as units with traditional profiles, is an indicator of the increasing usage of LCD screen displays in all types of businesses with a variety of décors! A digital photoframe provides an easy way for users to update advertisements instantly, which is a significant benefit for restaurants, retailers and service businesses! Patrons are much more likely to pay attention to your signage if there is movement and sound involved.

Why buy a digital photoframe from this online catalog instead of another site?
  • This website offers several variations of LCD screens for use in all types of businesses including banks, retail stores, restaurants and medical buildings.
  • Digital photoframes and other electronic signage solutions are sold on this site for use in conjunction with this picture display.
  • LCD photo frames are kept in-stock, in company operated warehouses. This results in fast shipping for all of these digital photoframes.
  • Dedicated consumer service experts are standing by to trouble shoot any issues with set up.

This digital photoframe is great for advertising!This dynamic digital photoframe, also known as electronic signage, has multiple options for playing content. First, each LCD screen is compatible with USB drives for playing content that is easily created on office or home computers. Additionally, if the digital photoframe is being exhibited in businesses, store operators can simply load content to the unit's internal memory to eliminate the risk of anyone stealing their USB drive. Finally, users can use this digital photoframe to play content from an SD storage card. Each LCD picture display is compatible with all these options! Many businesses wish to take advantage of the increasingly affordable advertising method of digital picture photo frames. However, these establishments sometimes face challenges that prevent their entry into LCD screen advertising. One possible boundary is the cost may be prohibitive. Fortunately, with the introduction of these smaller digital photoframes, most businesses can now afford to advertise electronically. Another possible reason an institution may not be taking advantage of the customizable electronic signage solution is the size of the business. Until currently, most digital picture photo frames were very large and required a heavy-duty stand or bracket, but now businesses can advertise with these electronic sign displays practically everywhere!

Homeowners also find themselves in a similar situation. Practically everyone would rather exhibit an electronic picture of family, friends and pets than a hardcopy print. Pictures saved electronically never deteriorate and always look great, especially when displayed on these screens. Yet, the majority of homes still do not incorporate digital picture photo frames as a way of exhibiting memories of loved ones. What are the reasons? Again, similar to businesses, cost and environmental constraints are the main reasons many people have not adopted the LCD photo display for home use. However, these digital photoframes now make it easy and affordable to exhibit electronically saved photos at home. Furthermore, units are available with a traditional photo framing profile to adapt with home décor!

The engineered-in multi-media options available on this LCD picture screen truly make it a very effective tool for advertising, as well as exhibiting pictures in home settings. The remote control allows users to change from playing video to JPEG files, as well as controls the speaker system! Additional features include various picture transition settings and image exposure times. Users can load MP3 music files to be used while the screen plays the JPEG photo slides. Many users find the music feature is very effective at drawing viewers' attention to their advertisements. Additionally, users can update the music, since new files can be loaded onto the internal memory of this LCD signage display.

Displays2go is constantly providing advertisers in a variety of industries new displays to update and expand their advertising capabilities. Not only can shoppers buy electronic signage on this site, but traditional sign stands and poster holders are also available. Nowhere else online can shoppers find such a wide range of advertising fixtures and promotional display solutions! Instead of shopping on a broker's site, shop with Displays2go since we specialize in quality marketing display solutions! Buy these LCD screens to effectively show viewers a wide variety of content, from family photos to advertisements or to play video! Shop this online catalog today!

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