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Changeable Price Tag Stands & Holders | Plastic Retail & Grocery Pricing Labels

Price Tag Holders & Price Tag Stands - Store Shelving and Countertop Price Marketing Supplies

Where are plastic retail price tags often used? Pricing labels are essential for any type of business. By clearly exhibiting the value of your offered food items or merchandise, store clerks will be less bothered by questions asked by patrons, enabling them to help additional customers expeditiously. Retail price tags can therefore help your business run much more smoothly.

What features differentiate these pricing labels from others on the market?
  • Each retail price tag features a blank wipe-off sign area, for users to write their own custom messages with either wet erase or liquid chalk markers (sold separately).
  • Most of the plastic pricing labels include changeable numbers and units of measure for quick sign changes.
  • Retail price tags are stocked by the hundreds, some into the thousands, for food service locations looking to buy in bulk.
  • Plastic signs also feature wholesale pricing, to keep within any budget.

Retail price tags, such as these wipe-off signs, include a write-on area for users to write their custom signage. These pricing labels are therefore ideal for business with frequently changing signage. Wet or dry erase signs are much easier to use than signage with stock, generic messages. Write on retail price tags are also much more affordable than sign kits with stock labels, which can cost quite a bit. This also allows food service locations to keep and reuse the signs they actually need.

Where are these plastic signs often found used?
  • Retail stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Delis and butcher shops
  • Bakeries
  • Eateries & fast food locations

A retail price tag can also be a blank sign with rotating number wheels. Some of the labels in this category feature number wheels on the backside for quick pricing changes. These retail price tags with four rotating wheels also include a measurement wheel, with unit increments of LB, 1/2LB, 1/4LB and EA (each). Prices can be adjusted up to 29.99 with these signs, as well as 2/FOR pricing. This particular retail price tag style also comes with a checkered border around the blank area for writing out messages. This border highlights written signs, ensuring they get noticed!

Besides the plastic price tags with changeable number strips, other signs in this category include accordion-style, number strips. This changeable number system prevents stores and food service locations from having to keep hundreds of small pieces organized, like some signage kits. Each number strip included with these labels is double-sided, with numbers and/or unit increments on both sides. A total of 6 number strips are included with each retail price tag. Customers can change their signs in a matter of minutes! First, slide out the clear plastic cassette from the frame. The cassette features 6 slots to easily slide the accordion number strips into, which prevents your numbers from falling out or turning within the sign. Once the cassette is removed from the frame, simply remove the desired pricing strip, unfold and refold the strip until the correct number or unit of measure is displayed.

Customizable signs with pricing cassettes or cases also include a removable header. Users can modify this piece of material with either wet-erase markers, or they can have custom vinyl text applied at a local sign shop for a more permanent solution. The header can also display a company logo or catchline, in addition to the names of food items or on-sale merchandise. The PVC header can therefore be interchanged with some of your other signs as well. Most of these models also come with your choice of 3 different height options: 1.96", 3.93", and 7.87". Shorter signs are ideal for use by delis, where the tag can be placed amongst salads and prepared food items. The taller stand option is perfect for use within retail stores, to display pricing for merchandise and other goods.

Each of the above sign models comes with a blank area for stores to write a custom message to accompany their pricing. These labels can be customized with wet erase markers, and even some models can be used with dry erase markers. Please see individual product pages for more details. With the wet erase markers, simply use a damp cloth to remove your written message. Markers are not included with your purchase of any of these signage options. However, this site offers a variety of markers to choose from that are sold separately.

The key to any successful business is well-organized displays with proper signage. These pricing labels are just one of the many types of signage this site has to offer. This site is home to various other store fixtures and supplies as well. All of the displays needed for your location can all be found in this online catalog. LED open signs, message flags and countertop displays are just a few of the many offered products lines for stores. Be sure to check out the rest of the product selection this site has available for purchase. Many of the offered good ship quickly, most within 1-2 business days! Displays2go is your #1 source for quality marketing displays and supplies!

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