Plastic Magazine Wall Racks & Organizers with Lots of Options

Plastic Magazine Wall Racks Display Publications and Pamphlets

Plastic magazine wall rack with 12 pockets

Looking to buy affordable organizers for lots of literature? These plastic magazine wall racks are designed to hold many print sizes. They feature individual pockets that are either fixed or come with adjustable dividers for the most in customization. Each pocket is deep enough to hold several catalogs depending on the thickness of the publications. Tiered plastic magazine wall racks are built to save space, time, and money. Another benefit to these literature holders is their clear design which allows easy recognition of titles. Manufactured from acrylic or injection-molded plastic, you have your choice of clear or black models. Our magazine wall racks are not only great fixtures for displaying publications but they can also be used as a filing system in an office environment. Instead of cluttering tables and desks, clerks use them to keep files and documents neatly organized and ordered.

What are some of the more common applications for magazine wall racks?
  • Bank lobbies, accounting firms or insurance offices
  • Car dealerships and exhibition rooms
  • Medical waiting rooms or receptionist areas
  • Travel and tourist centers
Magazine Wall Rack with Many Different Configurations

Single pocket styles are great for displaying a single stack of the same catalogs or brochures. Models with two or three tiers come with fixed pockets or convenient dividers for accommodating different sized literature. Modular that connect to each other offer the greatest amount of display area. Multiple units can be connected and extended down a stretch of wall as long as needed.

Why should businesses use this hanging literature rack?
  • Wall-mount stackable design significantly reduces countertop or floor spaces.
  • Easy to view; all the publication front covers are displayed with the clear finish pocket.
  • Features notched pockets for easy access to the magazines.
  • Changeable viewing style, publication can be displayed full or half-view.

Why are these multi-tier literature holders ideal for such a diverse array of organizations? Each rack has a design that incorporates versatility, functionality and affordability. The pockets are either vertically or horizontally stacked with a tiered arrangement to save space. Sturdy and light, multi-tier hanging systems can be mounted just about anywhere for the greatest impact especially for places where floor space is a concern. On top of all the countless benefits mentioned above, most offerings include a pre-drilled bracket to facilitate hanging. Screws and anchors are also provided for easy installation. We offer a huge selection of hanging literature displays for sale, featuring hundreds of different designs and configurations. No matter what type of product you choose, your business will love these great organizational tools.

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