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Non-Locking iPad Mounting Stands for Residential & Commercial Use

Home iPad Mounting Stands - Tablet Stands for Watching Movies, Reading Recipes & More

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Apple tablets are becoming increasingly popular, for both residential and commercial use. iPad mounting stands for residential use differ from those models for public use in that they do not feature a locking mechanism. The need to make the tablet secure is not necessary while in the home. Tripod iPad kiosk stands provide users with a hands-free way to hold their devices while maintaining stability. Apple tablet owners know just how versatile these devices are, which is why hands-free operation is of the utmost importance. Reading books, playing games, watching movies and various other tasks can all be done hands-free with these mounting stands.

Home iPad mounting stands have plenty of different uses for tablet owners that can greatly improve daily life. Love to cook? Many people use iPad stands in the kitchen to look up recipes and set timers. The hands free design of these stands make getting any ingredients on the iPad completely avoidable. Many users like watching movies or reading a book before going to bed. Some stands have adjustable height, so it is easy to set to eye-level. Experiment with other uses like reading music, leaving in a public area for scheduling and working on art/design projects.

How can these tablet stand mounts be used in a residential setting?
  • Bedroom surfing and viewing - No longer do consumers need to lay their laptop or device on their lap, which can get uncomfortable after long periods of time. These iPad mounting stands can be positioned alongside couches or even bedside for your convenience.
  • Great for gaming - By having the tablet fixed to the stand, friends and family can gather around and operate the device, without having to pass it around!
  • Music stand - Users can mount a tablet to the adjustable stand, using the device as sheet music.
  • Home entertainment control - No more arguments over television remote controls! Movies and television shows can be watched from anywhere in your home with these floor standing tablet holders.
  • Convenient cooking guide - Follow along with your favorite cooking show from the convenience of your kitchen with the help of these iPad kiosk stands.
  • Web conferencing has never been easier with tripod ipad holders. Because of the hands free use with these iPad kiosk stands, you'll be able to use your hands for more important things, like taking notes and waving hello.
This stand is perfect for mounting an iPad in the home

These tablet cradles are completely adjustable. The ipad kiosk stands feature a rotating bracket that rotates 360°. This enables the Apple tablet to go from portrait to landscape orientation in a matter of seconds. The tablet holders can also be angled, to prevent glare from hindering the view of the display screen, providing optimal viewing.

Additional enclosure units are height adjustable, going from 25"h to 54"h. With the simple turn of a knob or flip of a tab, users can easily adjust the height of their floorstanding enclosure with ease. Some enclosure options also feature a gooseneck pole. This design simplifies height adjustability even more! Non-secure, tablet holders with a gooseneck support allow users to adjust the incline, viewing angle and position of the screen by merely bending the pole to the correct height! This ground-breaking construction is unlike any other Apple device holder on the internet today!

Most of the fixtures feature a small opening through which users can feed a charging cord. Users can rotate the stands without having to remove the charging cord as well! This is a truly convenient feature of each kiosk. Even though most other Apple accessories require users to detach the media from the mount to charge, the frame of this display does not obstruct charging ports!

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