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Frameless Picture Frames - Tempered Glass Construction

Glass Clip Picture Frames For Wall and Table Use In Any Environment

glass clip photo frames

Why choose glass clip photo holders over standard image enclosures? Clear frameless picture frames come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit any environment. These modern photograph enclosures are available in an array of sizes to accommodate most standard size prints and larger format advertisements. This includes retail stores, offices, art galleries, and even homes. Frameless picture frames display art prints, advertisements, posters, and photos. Graphics are secured inside casing with steel spring-clips that attach to a chipboard backing. The tempered glass on the front protects what’s inside from sun damage, as well as tampering, and theft in commercial venues. Our clip photo holders can sit on tabletops, or can be mounted on a wall. Frameless picture frames are made of quality materials, yet they are surprisingly inexpensive.

What are the features of glass clip photo holders?
  • Frameless picture frames are available as small as 5" x 7”, and as large as 18" x 24". The vast selection of sizes enable these enclosures to be shown in either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • These stylish image holders are a versatile and affordable way to present graphics. They look upscale in any setting, whether it’s at an office building, a gallery, or a mantel in the home.
  • Steel spring clips hold together the clear tempered glass panel and the chipboard backing in a sandwich-style design.
  • Glass clip photo enclosures are timeless with a clean, contemporary design that never go out of style. This ensures the main focal point is on the contents of the image instead of its borders.
  • Tempered glass is shatter-resistant and safer than annealed glass. This is useful in store environments and other public venues where there is a lot of foot traffic. The glass also protects enclosed graphics from damage.
  • The rimless versatility makes these photo holders perfect for any setting.
Frameless Picture Holders

Glass clip photo holders are elegant to give as a gift for any occasion. The wide range of sizes available makes them ideal for wedding showers, graduations, house warming parties, and more. Borderless picture displays are not designed strictly for residential and office use. Many businesses also use our tempered glass clip photo enclosures for promoting items or sales. The larger glass clip photo holders work well for displaying artwork in any home, office, or business. These clear sandwich-style image holders emphasize promotional graphics in any commercial environment. Use clipless photo enclosures to house corporate graphics, boosting brand recognition - and adding decorative flair to commercial spaces.

Glass Framing with Clips

These image holders, like many of our other photo enclosures are made with a clear tempered glass panel which is much safer and sturdier than traditional glass. A lot of affordable borderless image holders on the market have acrylic coverings, which are not as elegant as our featured tempered glass enclosures. Many people today do not understand the difference between tempered glass and standard glass. Tempered glass is more durable compared to annealed glass. It is also safer to use in public places or homes with children. Standard glass breaks in large and dangerous shards. This can be trouble when it comes to picking up the pieces. We made our image enclosures with tempered glass because it shatters in smaller pieces. This makes it safer for people to clean it up. Rimless holders ship same day when ordered from our vast in-stock inventory. We are confident any one of our inexpensive borderless image enclosures will bring an added dimension to any setting.

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