LED Display Cases with Built-In Illumination

Museum LED Display Cases & Pedastals w/ Tempered Glass

LED Display CasesWhy choose one of these LED display cases? These cabinet stands are ideal for using to showcase jewelry and other merchandise, making them ideal for retail stores. Improve signage instantly with these luxurious lit showcases. LED display cases provide numerous advantages over similar stands that use halogen lights. Halogen lights have a lifespan of approximately 10,000 hours, while LED lights have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 – 60,000 hours. The lights of this LED Display Case will also use much less energy and save cost over time versus halogen lights.

Key Differences Between LED and Halogen Lights:
  • Power Consumption – Halogen= 90 watts LED = 8 watts
  • Lifespan – Halogen=10k hours LED=50-65k hours
  • LED lights emit much less heat that halogen lights.
  • LED produces dimmer light than halogen bulbs.

These LED display cases provide plenty of options for retail setups. Match these stands up with other cabinet showcases to build an entire configuration for a retail or jewelry store. Museums can greatly benefit from these LED display cases as well! Plenty of different finishes are available to mesh with any décor, including semi-gloss silver, semi-gloss black, gloss black and gloss white. Some of these units also feature hydraulic lift opening systems. Simply turn the key in these LED display cases and lift up, the glass cover will then rise on its own. When closing the hydraulic cabinet cover, press the top closed and the buffers will catch it so users avoid slamming the glass cover. This technology is top of the line for LED display cases, and makes accessing items a breeze.

LED Display CasesThese LED Display Cases feature tempered glass. Tempered glass is safer than standard glass, as it breaks into tiny pieces when shattered, versus standard glass which shatters into large, sharp portions. The cabinet on each of these LED display cases is lockable and comes with extra keys, to ensure owners can gain access, and unwanted users will not be able to access the items on display. The medium density fiber board used to construct this stand is rugged and available covered with a variety of gloss finishes. Mix and match finishes and different styles to get the ideal look. Consider rounding out any configuration by adding an interactive touch screen. Looking to add some customization to a jewelry or retail store? Try getting some products with custom screen printing.

Why purchase from this company?
  • When in-stock these showcases will ship before 3PM EST!
  • Displays2go has been a trusted supplier for over 40 years, and are known for quality products and remarkable service.
  • These luxurious units will increase the appeal of any merchandise and jewelry

Illuminated showcases are ideal for selling merchandise. Highlight expensive and high-end items with these LED display cases. The lights inside the cabinet will add a warm and friendly appeal to any products displayed within the cabinet stand. These cases are will help improve sales and the overall décor of any retail outlet. Draw in more customers today with this glass cabinet.

LED Display CasesThere are plenty of establishments that can benefit from using these glass showcases. The hydraulic lift stands are ideal for jewelry stores. Easily lift up the cabinet cover on these LED display cases to show items to customers. Keep merchandise safely locked inside when it is only meant to be shown, not handled. Other types of retail stores can greatly benefit from these cabinets as well. Department stores, antique shops and museums can all use these high-end Grace Tyler units. Mixing and matching is an ideal way to get the most out of these LED display cases.

Displays2go offers thousands of options to meet any business signage needs. Check out some of our similar displays like a floor standing wood cabinet, full-view showcase and pedestals. These units all make excellent additions to retail floor setups. Looking to add some technology? We are now offering customizable touch screen tablets, digital signage kits, TV brackets and much more. Wow customers with top of the line technology, right in your store! There are plenty of customizable products that this company can directly place any logo or message on. Screen printed table runners are great for any store or promotional event. Increase brand recognition instantly.

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