Jewelry Counter with LED Lights

Jewelery Counters for Retail Showcasing

Looking for a sophisticated jewelry counter for an upscale retail store or boutique? Displays2go has showcases to fit any need! This jewelry counter is perfect for displaying rings, necklaces, watches, or other valuable pieces. Part of the Grace Tyler display series, the counters found here are constructed of a sturdy MDF base and features a sophisticated semi-gloss finish. Customers can choose cases in either a semi-gloss black or silver. Each jewelry counter, also known as retail store cases, stands tall at 42", 4" taller than traditional showcases. This height is ideal, as customers perusing merchandise do not have to bend down for viewing products inside the case. This jewelry counter is not only sophisticated, but rugged and sturdy as well! Featuring a merchandising case constructed of scratch and shatter resistant tempered glass, these showcases will display merchandise stunningly for years to come! A great feature of the Grace Tyler display, jewelry counter is that all the panels are fabricated with tempered glass.

Jewelry Counter with LED Lights. What are the benefits of purchasing a showcase with tempered glass versus traditional glass?
  • Tempered glass is approximately four to five times stronger than traditional glass, making it resistant to scratches and shattering, an ideal feature for use in a jewelry counter!
  • On the very rare occasion tempered glass does break, it shatters into thousands of tiny pieces with dull edges, rather than large shards of glass with dangerous edges!
  • Tempered glass is just as smooth and clear as traditional glass, making this the ideal material for a jewelry counter, showcases or other store cases!

Each glass case is accessible by glass doors with plunger locks ensuring all valuables are kept safe and secure. A full vision jewelry counter has (2) full length sliding doors that open to (2) full length glass shelves. These shelves are at a fixed height and offer ample display area. This full vision jewelry counter is ideal to display necklaces on neck-forms, larger valuable items, fragrances, handbags or other merchandise. Each quarter vision jewelry counter also features (2) sliding doors with plunger locks leading to the merchandising space. The corner case features one hinged glass door with lock. All cases include two keys which will open all locks on the case. Whether the lock is on the display doors, or storage spaces, just one universal key is needed, so there is no need to fumble with multiple keys!

Quarter vision cases feature a storage space in the back of the unit. Each quarter vision case has two cabinets along the bottom that feature sliding doors. Additionally, this jewelry counter features two locking drawers that are ideal for holding smaller items such as price tags, writing instruments, a calculator, or other items sales people may need when working with clients! This space can even be utilized to hold inventory! Many merchants use this space to store products, gift wrap, or other POP items. The corner quarter vision case features one locking hinged door. Each drawer and cabinet features plunger locks, so all items kept in storage will remain safe and secure.

Each store display features (4) foot levelers, which help keep the showcase stable. These foot levelers are adjustable, ensuring the case will remain at an ideal height and level on slightly uneven floor surfaces. In addition to floor levelers, each product cabinet features a recessed toe kick. This toe kick runs along the front of each showcase. This space allows customers to stand close to the case. Additionally, this area will hide any accidental scuffs or knicks due to foot traffic.

Grace Tyler LED Lit Configuration.

All of these Grace Tyler showcases with ample display areas and beautiful semi-gloss bases ship fully assembled. Retail store cases are thoroughly wrapped with glass doors cushioned and secured and placed snugly into wood crates to be shipped safely. No assembly is required and each showcase can be used immediately upon arrival. Simply uncrate the semi-gloss retail display case, clean each glass surface with the glass cleaner of choice and begin merchandising! Customers can find the entire collection of counters ideal for upscale retail stores on the Displays2go online catalog. Place an order by visiting the secure online ordering system, which can be visited 24 hours a day. Ordering can also be done via telephone by calling 1-800-572-2194 . Business hours are Available Monday - Friday
8am - 8pm Eastern Time US .

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