Buffet Display Stands for Restaurant and Catering Businesses

Restaurant Buffet Display Stands & Risers - Perfect for Food & Dessert Presentation

Is your business in need of new buffet display stands? Are you looking for elegant cascading style holders for appetizers? These pedestals, also called wire multi-tiered pedestals are vital merchandising tools used in any food presentation. These wire holders are an effective and economical means of turning a boring one-dimensional merchandising system into a multi-level display. The serving display stands shown here are offered in various heights at incredibly low prices. Place an order multi-tiered food pedestals today. These black appetizer holders, buffet display stands that are exceedingly sturdy can hold a good amount of weight. The simple trapezoid shape or wire stands do not distract the eye from the products being showcased, yet provides ample surface area to accommodate large items. Place these serving display stands on a buffet table to elevate food for guests. These hors d’oeuvre accessories are designed for use on a counter or tabletop. Each of these appetizer risers features a relatively small footprint, keeping tables and service areas neat and organized. Use these single and multi-tiered fixtures to keep hot dishes off of the table surface.

The other buffet display risers offered here are melamine platters that can be purchased by themselves or with single or two level wire holders. These cascading appetizer units are commonly used in food service or residential settings. The serving display stands that are constructed from melamine and wire are offered in multiple configurations. The construction of these single tier and multi-tiered holders makes them durable. Most of these restaurant displays are commonly used in buffet lines for holding desserts, appetizers, bagels, crackers, cheese, and more. Some of the other kinds of food dishes available are melamine platters. These buffet display stands that are lightweight and are often preferred over heavier glass or ceramic trays for on the go catering companies. The platters are therefore, great for home use and traveling catering companies. These appetizer trays, serving display stands are made for ease of use. The serve-ware can be placed on the top rack of a dishwasher for cleaning the platters in a quick and easy manner! These serving display risers are stain resistant which is essential for business use, catering companies need these trays to look clean and professional. The appetizer trays can be stacked for space saving storage when not in use.

What are some of the benefits of using these buffet display risers?

  • These wire holders add depth to any restaurant or food presentation.
  • These serving display stands allow users to highlight a specific product or appetizer item by raising it above the surrounding items.
  • Melamine platters are stain resistant making them ideal for messy foods.
  • Multi-tiered buffet display stands require no tools to assemble and take mere minutes to complete.
  • Single platters can be hand stacked clearing up limited storage space in any restaurant.
  • Buffet display stands’ melamine dishes can be safely washed on the top rack of any dishwasher.
  • Risers are available with either a semi-gloss or flat black or chrome finish depending on the holder purchased.

Another featured buffet display stand line is our melamine multi-tiered serving products. These appetizer fixtures, also called hors d’oeuvres holders, are great for setting up a large catering or restaurant displays. The single tier and multi-tiered food cascading fixtures can be used on countertops or makeshift tables for catering needs. These pedestal displays can be combined in various layouts for large selections of food items. All of the restaurant pedestals have a multi-level design. The buffet display stands are offered in either (2) or (4) levels. Each appetizer cascading wire fixture is set up in such a way that every tier is easily accessible for customers to reach. These serving display stands are more than just food serving trays; the displays also utilize countertop space. The hors d’oeuvres holder’s waterfall design maximizes the amount of food that can be showcased while taking up the least amount of space. For that reason, the cascading appetizer fixture, catering riser is ideal for banquet halls, large catering events, restaurants, and hotels that offer hors d’oeuvres items to patrons. Why are these serving tiers used more often in the food industry? The reason venues are using these units is that customers are more likely to purchase a baked good from a nicely presented delicacy stand.

Where are these single-tier display typically used?

  • Restaurants and caterers use these melamine multi-tiered wire holders to create exciting and visually appealing buffets and food displays.
  • These diner pedestals are used in retail stores to showcase products such as jewelry, small figurines or collectibles.
  • Other facilities such as cafeterias use these acrylic stands to create enticing food selections.
  • Homeowners can use these platters in homes to hold the centerpiece of their Sunday dinner.

Another great catering displays used along with the individual units previously mentioned is the cascading tiered pedestals. These countertop appetizer racks feature a two or three level design that holds a large amount of products. These wire cascading holders are also offered in either a black or silver finish. The racks are available in a rectangular design while the three tier racks are square. The fixtures are fully functional as-is, or some users prefer to use wicker basket inserts on each level. The natural willow adds a soft touch to the somewhat industrial look of the wire. Use these serving display stands to highlight items such as pre-packaged foods, jewelry, small electronics, or candies. Place these fixtures next to a checkout area to encourage impulse purchases.

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