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Suction Cup Clip Adheres to Most Flat Nonporous Surfaces

Suction Cup Clips - Window, Countertop, and Other Non-Porous Surfaces

The suction cup clip, also known as a memo holder, can be used to on cooler or freezer glass doors promoting items inside. These displays can be fixed to glass doors without worrying about leaving any residue behind on the doors when removing the store fixture. This suction cup clip that has a small footprint enables the memo holder to fit just about anywhere. The price label fixture footprint is only 1-5/8"w diameter. Each suction clip constructed of inexpensive materials, is a cheap but effective way to promote sale or clearance products. Many of the holders are made mostly plastic with some of the displays having chrome metal-plated clamps. Why is the suction cup clip constructed with metal clamps? So that the holders' most often used part can have lasting functionality. Each memo display is sold in bulk for additional savings.

How can the suction cup clip be used in a business?

  • Offices benefit from memo holders to display important notes or pictures.
  • In cafeterias to label different dishes.
  • At grocery stores, holders can be used on cooler or freezer doors to help highlight sale items.
  • Liquor stores on beer cooler doors or tables promoting discounts.
  • At a bakery on the display cases to label each.
  • Electronic stores to hold product information cards in and around a TV, computer, or other electronic displays.

The retail label holder has a clear finish. The display, therefore, has a transparent element to the fixture. These suction clips have a simple, yet effective design. The memo holders will keep the focus on the sign. Each suction cup clip is great for highlighting clearance items. The memo holder can hold signs with a thickness of anywhere from 1/32" to 3/8". Each can securely hold advertisements in either portrait or landscape format.This display can hold custom design signs made by the owners. The memo display can also hold signs back-to-back, enabling signs to be seen from either direction in an aisle! The display holder is ideal for use in the liqour stores as the fixtures can hold sale signs right on the cooler doors.

What are some of the uses of this suction cup clip?

  • Price labels to highlight new products, a sale or clearance items.
  • In deli for both price signs and product labels differentiating different products.
  • Information cards, giving product specifications in specialty and electronic outlets.
  • Advertisements in restaurants highlighting upcoming events.

There are many ways a company, or business can use is memo holder. The advertisement tool can be used in various places and for a great number of reasons. The displays have ball joints to angle signs at just the right angle. The base of the displays allows the holder to cling too many non-porous flat surfaces. Such surfaces include glass door or cases, deli-mart counter or plates, steel shelving in retail or grocery stores, and many other applicable locations. This fixture's small footprint makes these displays extremely versatile, in that, the holders can be placed in most locations.

These memo store fixtures are available in different heights with various clamp options. The displays all have the same size footprint, so no matter which label holder a business prefers they will all fit into the desired location. This display is the ideal advertisement tool for retail, grocery, or specialty stores alike! There are 100's of other store fixtures for countertop options available on this website. This online retailer offers many other tools that can be used to help a store stand out from its competition. A company can find anything from a business card holder, sidewalk a-frame, tradeshow exhibit to whole display case layouts for retail stores. Even products to be used in homes or offices can be found on this site such as picture frames, memo holders, jewelry acrylic displays and more!

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