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Plastic Wicker Baskets - Affordable Store Bins

Plastic Wicker Baskets - Small Storage Containers Provide Retailers with a Merchandising Solution

woven basketThe plastic wicker basket, also called a grocery holder is the ideal tool for showcasing many products, through several different style retail and produce stores alike. This container can be seen being used at vegetable stands, supermarkets, residential homes, office cafeterias, bakeries, retail stores and many other applicable locations. Each of these plastic wicker baskets that can be washed are ideal for holding fresh foods as the display can be cleaned every day. Being able to wash the containers is great for keeping holders contamination free when changing fruits on a day to day basis. The woven basket that will not mold is a great asset for keeping store display clean and representable for customer use. The use of these fruit bins can be used side by side to show of multiple kinds of similar fruits in a more eye-catching manner. This woven basket that is available with various features is ideal for many businesses as they can be used anywhere.

What are some of the features this plastic wicker basket offers to buying customers?

  • Bins come in an assortment shapes and sizes from as small as 9"l x 6"w oval holder to as large as 26"l x 18"w for holding anything from fruits to linen and anything in-between.
  • The woven basket is made from polypropylene for a lasting display that will not mold when repeatedly washed. Owners of this product are able to clean these bins without worrying about them becoming brittle like a natural wicker.
  • Some units are even available with metal stands for countertop use that feature the baskets fashioned to the top of the stand. The holders are available in heights anywhere from 9"h to 17"h helping to give more prominence to items being held within these containers.
  • Other bins come with handles for easily moving the baskets from one spot to another and other crates come without handles for easily placing several holders next to each other on a shelf or countertop.

woven basketThis retail holder, woven basket is made from inexpensive materials. The displays are great for use in spas and high end retail stores. Each woven basket is constructed from polypropylene. Polypropylene is designed with durability in mind. Can the woven basket be washed? Yes the bins can be washed without becoming brittle like traditional wicker displays! The woven basket will not mold. Due to the plastic construction of the bins, each unit can be washed and will not be tarnish or become ruined like handmade wicker baskets! The ability to keep the woven basket clean helps stores keep produce areas presentable to shoppers and upper management alike. The displays are offered in one of two finishes either a sleek black or a golden hue! Each woven basket is made to be even more rugged as the display has a steel wire intertwined into the plastic construction. This display helps to firmly and securely hold any products being held within the crate.

Where are some of the locations one might find the woven basket being used?

  • In grocery stores for such as, produce, fruit, pastries, and breads. The displays can be found on countertops, floors, shelving and more.
  • The woven basket is often found in spas for face cloths, lotions and body fragrances.
  • Displays can be found in bakeries with fresh loaves, bagels or donuts.
  • Restaurants display several food items at a time in a buffet line.
  • The countertop metal stands can be found near coffee stations with different condiments such as cream, sugar or stirrers. Also the bins can be used to hold plastic cutlery at a banquet or large family gatherings.

woven basketThese plastic containers make great gifts! The other displays offered on this website can be used to compare and hold similar pastries or bagels side by side on countertops. Some of the bins can even be used to hold French or hot fresh garlic breads! Also available are displays crafted from natural wicker or even handmade willow that can be purchased in sets of three or four depending on the product purchased! In addition to these unique merchandise, we also offer a great selection of retail fixtures for all of a company's presentation and storage needs! This website includes signage to coincide with wicker and polypropylene containers.

This online retailer has a "live" inventory of thousands of products, offered at wholesale prices. By maintaining such a large inventory we are able to offer same-day shipping on a majority of these display products. Simply place an order before 3PM, and most in stock merchandise will be shipped the same day! This company has been doing business for over 40 years, specializing in quality point of purchase products. Shoppers can buy with confidence knowing that they are doing business with a retailer that has an impeccable reputation.

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