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Child Mannequin Models Children's Apparel in Retail Stores

Children Mannequins for Modeling Retail Store Apparel

Looking for realistic looking children forms for retail locations? Lifelike child mannequins are sold by Displays2go and can be found in many locations where kid's apparel is sold. Each form is ideal for a store or boutique and can be used to model clothing or other forms of marketing displays. Children mannequins provide a great way for merchants to create exciting lifelike advertisements to attract customers into a retail setting. Retailers often choose these fixtures as they are realistic in appearance and are visually pleasing. Merchants prefer to use realistic dress forms like these kid fixtures as they give a true representation of what apparel will look like on a young person. Using lifelike child mannequins for window displays and advertisements will create lifelike compositions that cannot be missed! Increase sales by displaying apparel on these display forms.

How can these children models be used in a retail store setting?
  • Each child mannequin is ideal for use in shops and boutiques that sell kid's apparel. These dress forms can be used on table tops or floor standing to model a specific item of clothing. The display options are particularly helpful for promoting sale or specialty items that need to be highlighted in different locations!
  • Retailers often use them as part of a window advertisement. Set up an entire family to display clothing for different ages and genders.
  • Some mannequins are unisex and can be used to model both girls' and boys' apparel. This feature gives merchandisers flexibility when displaying products!

Children mannequins are constructed from durable materials for long lasting use. Polyethylene plastic is the most common of these materials. Each child mannequin has a natural skin tone finish that enhances the appearance of the display. The durable construction of these store fixtures adds value to each dummy as they are resistant to chipping, scratching, and color fading; making these kid forms a wise investment. This child mannequin is often positioned in realistic poses and has formed hands and feet to help create a natural appearance. Retailers often select these display fixtures as they have removable parts such as arms and heads to make dressing and propping quick and easy! Often times a child mannequin is unisex to be able to model both young girl and boys' apparel. Please note that each display has different features. A detailed description of each model can be found on the individual product pages.

Each kid model is designed for use with apparel for young girls and boys. These unisex fixtures can be accessorized with wigs, headbands and other accessories to be transformed into a young girl or boy. Each young fashion model is supported by a calf rod that is anchored to a tempered glass base. Tempered glass is stronger than traditional materials and is resistant to scratching and shattering, which is ideal for a retail store or boutique. The base is also clear and can blend in with its surroundings and be hidden from view entirely with the correct propping. These kid dummies pivot on the base to be viewed at different angels to create interesting displays. Many of these children forms also have a swivel head allowing each dummy to "look" in various directions which helps advertisements look more realistic. Merchants often use these fashion forms along with table top displays or with other models as part of larger compositions for more intricate window displays.

What are the important selling features of these store fixtures?
  • Durability: Each child mannequin is constructed of durable materials such as polyethylene plastic and tempered glass. These materials are stronger than more traditional materials and will not chip, scratch or fade.
  • Realistic Features: Painted eyes, lips and eyelashes which give each store fixture a realistic appearance! This natural appearance gives customers an accurate portrayal of what the apparel will look like on a live person.
  • Unisex: Many of these forms are unisex and give retailers flexibility of display options. With the right props, each fashion form can be used to model girls' or boys' apparel.

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