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Trade Show Event Dollies and Carts Help Transport Equipment and Supplies

Event Dollies and Carts for Trade Show Exhibitors

Steel Rolling Rack with Crowd Control Stanchions

Exhibiting at a public event is a fun and exciting endeavor. You get to promote your business while extending your company's marketability. However, this can't be accomplished without the display fixtures and supplies necessary for your trade show booth. Event dollies and carts play an integral role in making the process of transporting bulky equipment run smoothly. In many cases, trade show displays already come packed in some form of rolling crate or case. It's the other items that may require event dollies and carts to get them to their destination. The other point to consider is the distance between the convention center entrance and your actual booth. These buildings can be enormous, requiring a considerable amount of walking. No one wants to carry their equipment for that long a distance, no matter how heavy. Our event dollies and carts provide convenience and ease-of-use, with a lot of great features!

    What are the main selling points of these hand trucks and rolling racks?
  • Event dollies and carts are designed with the capacity to move hundreds of pounds. The multi-position hand trucks support 350 to 500 lbs. Stanchion racks can hold 12 to 18 posts within the same weight range.
  • Convertible hand trucks are the chameleons of the group. These feature eight configurable options that handle items of varying sizes. Need a dolly cart? The frame folds flat above the wheels for rolling bulky equipment. The hand truck option lets you pull your supplies behind, not unlike a piece of luggage. Position the side handles vertically to stack items like firewood without fear of losing the load. The bed is also extendable, allowing for a perfect fit depending on the width of the object(s).
  • Stanchion carts provide compact storage for post and rope crowd control systems. Suspended inside the rack itself, the stanchions also stay protected from damage. Queue lines such as these define what it means to be "bulky". Thanks to their weight and unusual shape, they don't offer much convenience when it comes to storage. These rolling steel racks make it easy to move a crowd control system to its destination, as well as taking it away once it's not needed.
  • What if a stanchion queue line is already set up yet needs to be moved down the hallway? This is where our single post dolly comes in handy. Instead of bringing out the full rack and loading it up, simply move each stanchion separately with ease. No need to lift your posts to move them — just slide the dolly behind the stanchion and wheel it away!

Moving unwieldy, cumbersome display fixtures doesn't need to be difficult. After all, setting up shop once inside the booth is where the real work begins. Let these affordable trucks and dollies deliver your trade show supplies safely and without injury! Their utilitarian purpose and rugged construction will provide years of service for you and your business.

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