Buffet Display Risers are Constructed of Metal for Restaurant Use

Metal Restaurant Buffet Display Risers

Buffet Display Risers Are you starting a restaurant or catering company and need some buffet display risers? Or is there a need for other food holders? If so, these risers are great food presentation tools for any catering event or business. These serving stands are an effective and economical means of turning a boring one-dimensional merchandising presentation into tiered eye-catching showcase in a matter of minutes. These buffet display risers, also called metal pedestals for a restaurant, are a vital merchandising tool used in any food presentation, and are especially unique for catering of wedding or other special events. The appetizer holders shown here are offered in various heights at incredibly low prices. These buffet display risers are sturdy and can hold a tray of fruit, a cake, and more. The hors d’ oeuvre stands trapezoid shape does not distract customers from the products being showcased yet they provide ample surface area to accommodate large items. These buffet display risers are used for items in a food line or snack bar to give different elevations to various items. The serving tiers are designed to be used on a countertop or tabletop. The buffet display riser has a small base to keep tables and service areas neat and organized. Use the hors d’oeuvres fixtures to keep dishes off a tablecloth or to bring it up to patrons eye level, these appetizer serving tiers offer more appeal than just a platter on a table.

What are some of the benefits of using these buffet display risers?

  • These metal serving stands add depth to any catering or food presentation.
  • The appetizer holder allows users to highlight a specific dish or food item by raising it above the surrounding items.
  • The buffet display riser allows for more room for products to be placed on the table as plates can be placed on the holders and other items can be placed directly on the table itself.
  • Metal serving tiers help to elevate products for better visibility.
  • These buffet display risers are made from solid steel for lasting durability.
  • The serving stand can accommodate serving dishes, plates, or bowls.
  • The black semi-gloss finish is great for any event or setting.
  • The tiered appetizer holders have small bases for conserving table space.

Buffet Display RisersThis serving stand, buffet display riser comes in multiple heights for presenting food in various layouts and patterns. The lowest appetizer stand elevates items 2-1/8” inches off the surface of a table. The buffet display riser for a restaurant with the largest elevation comes in at 8-1/8” tall. So any assortment of elevations can be done if all (4) sizes are purchased, which in turn leads to a variety of layouts that can be done. The serving holders offer some eye-catching levels on catering tables, creating some rather unique designs! These buffet display risers that are constructed from steel are made for long lasting use. The serving tiers are meant to be hand washed but still take just moments to clean. Each appetizer holder comes in a semi-gloss black finish to complement any environment. All of the hors d’ oeuvre tops are 6”w x 6”d for easily accommodating many different trays, candy dishes, bowls and more.

Where can this buffet display riser typically be used and what are some items they can hold?

  • Restaurants can use these metal stands to create exciting and visually appealing buffets and food displays.
  • Food stands can be used to hold candy dishes, trays, salad bowls, condiment holders and even desserts.
  • Caterers can use the serving tiers to create a more stunning food presentation versus simply placing the dishes directly onto the table.
  • Other facilities like cafeterias use these stands to create enticing dessert buffet stations.

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