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Business Cards Rack - Shop Counter or Office Desk Cases

business card rack This multi-pocket case, business card rack is great for advertising many salespeople, a company, or a whole chain of stores. Need to find a new way of organizing the contacts information on the desktop? The business card racks, office accessories, help keep the office looking neat and tidy, while advertising the up to date contact information. The office desk accessories are able to present the contact and calling card information in a very professional manner that appeals to clientele. The store info dispensers also reflect the specific characteristics of the company. This very extensive line includes a variety of shapes and sizes. Acrylic, plastic, and wood desk accessories are available. These desk accessories can also be used in all sorts of establishments. Retail shops place the calling card stands at the cash wrap or checkout counter for advertising the store or selling gift cards. The multi-pocket business card rack, when used effectively, will garner interest from passersby. The simple design allows consumers to quickly pick up the info and continue shopping. Consumers put the advertisement in their leather wallets or purses for a later time. An office desk business cards rack gives the client the opportunity to remember the salesperson, company, phone number, e-mail address and more! Calling cards racks and stands feature varying amounts of pockets to best accommodate the size of the company. Each case is designed to accommodate the standard American calling card width and height. The acrylic shop fixture can be set-up on the desk or wall. Users are encouraged to place the info wherever clients are most likely to see the display. The business cards holders are eye-catching, yet classic. The calling card is a time honored technique for drumming up sales and increasing word of mouth. An office accessory continues the promotional tradition. The selection is large with different designs to match the office. There is definitely a case that will match the d├ęcor.

For which businesses are multi-pocket office desk accessories suitable?

  • The namecard case, business cards rack is traditionally designed with salespeople in mind. Real estate agents, insurance salesmen, and car dealers all have their own calling card that needs to be ready at any moment. These businessmen can quickly their information from the case and flip it to an interested customer.
  • Retail shops should consider organizing company information into a proper display. Setting up these fixtures on a counter is a cheap means of advertising representatives. A smaller, less established store can create more contacts with these promotions. The large chain stores could keep store credit cards in the case.
  • Restaurants and catering businesses always need their contact information on hand. Keep the desk case on a hostess stand. Guests are more likely to schedule a reservation in the future.

It is a fact that customers are naturally drawn to organization. Perspective clients at a trade show, car dealership, real estate office, eatery, retail shop or any other establishment would rather see the calling cards arranged in a logical manner than sprawled out across a desk. The information on each card is necessary, but rather generic. Often times, the most attractive part of the card is a simple logo. Project a professional appearance by organizing each stack of advertisements into a pocket on the case. The office desk accessories will do the rest. Each display presents a modern appearance that will make up for bland appearance of a plain white contact cardstock. Find clear and black acrylic styles online. Wood models are also available with different stains to best fit in with the rest of the office. Some even have a header space for a custom message or logo. Keep a stylish case on the desktop in the office. Adorn a wall with a larger fixture to dole out many cards. There are even fixtures that attach to slat walls. Choose the model that fills the void. The information will garner more notice than when keeping the cardstock in a wallet or trouser pocket.

How do customers take a card from the office products?

Visiting Card Dispensers for Multiple Cards
  • Most designs are fairly simple. Interested clients can quickly pull the cardstock from the top opening on the pocket.
  • A slight variation on this open top construction is hinged box. This design has a lid that can be quickly opened to remove the information. Customers need to flip open the top and the card is in their hands. In most cases, these models can be used outdoors.
  • Another style is the push front designs. This display requires customers to apply pressure to the specific case pocket. The calling card slides out the bottom. This type is only available with wall designs.

The corporate fixtures come with different dimensions to accommodate varying amounts of cards. The different styles reflect the needs of smaller or larger companies. Simply put, the bigger the company the more pockets necessary. Owners of office complexes can use the display as an information center. Many proprietors charge a small fee for using the presentation space. It is a great way to make some profits on the side while helping neighboring salespeople and companies. Visitors will walk into the lobby and see all the businesses in the building. These bigger calling card distribution structures often have a header space to showcase enticing messages. The display dispensers are multifaceted advertising tools for businesses of any size.

While these multiple pocket company card displays are a wonderful choice, there are many other models available in the collection. Customers are welcome to check out single calling card cases or combination sign & holder styles. There is certainly a marketing solution for sale that will fit the campaign. In addition to these wonderful corporate case options, online shoppers should check out the many other POP displays. This catalog is known for its scope. Peruse the entirety of the collection to find TV mounts, iPad stands, food showcases, trade show fixtures and much more. Products are constantly going on sale, so check back here often. That attractive advertising tool could be available for an even lower price!

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