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Shadow Box Frames - Tempered Glass Showcases for Hanging Mementos

Shadow Box Frames

What are shadow box frames and how do they work? These multifaceted showcases are used to display a wide variety of items in a great number of locations. Each of these shadow box frames come in handy for holding valuable family collectibles in homes. These cases may also be of use in retail or commercial environments holding posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials. However, these picture shadow box frames, also called a display case, are different from typical poster or picture framing. Each black case features a depth of 2” to 4” for holding numerous kinds of materials. To create a more interesting and eye catching display, these exhibits can home 3-dimensional objects such as store merchandise, pamphlets, decorations, and much more. With these framed cases, there is little limit to the types of designs that can be created. Whether it is in home settings or store environments, these wall hanging cabinets are ideal for clearly displaying memorabilia, collectibles, medals, posters, photos, jerseys, trophies, and more. These items are placed inside the showcase and fixed to a soft backboard using a variety of methods.

What is a hanging display case used for?
  • These shadow box frames are used for displaying personal or commercial items in an easy to see design
  • Wedding memories including invitations, programs, favors, ribbons, photos, and save-the-dates
  • Sports memorabilia like jerseys, trophies, signed photos, and certificates
  • Graduation events such as diplomas, cords, tassels, and hats
  • Promotional print materials including posters, signs, and ads
  • School bulletin boards with artwork, dioramas, and book reports
  • Military accomplishments such a flags, medals, and ribbons
  • Home décor with butterflies, drawings, and other fun and creative elements

This artwork display case provides a great outlet for many customers’ creative passions. Each showcase makes for a great hobby while also organizing and showing off valuable collectibles, artwork, photos, and other creative ideas. Instead of devoting time towards artwork picture framing, why not create a multifaceted collage for home décor? These exhibits are ideal for compiling wedding mementos surrounding a printed wedding photo. These cases also make it easy to hang up children’s artwork. Instead of leaving vacation photography, postcards, and souvenirs packed away, one can assemble them in a high quality showcase. Instead of forgetting about collectibles from kids’ sports, dances, and other activities, just pin up their certificates, trophies, and other accomplishments. Use the showcase to honor a recent graduate by displaying diplomas, caps, tassels, cords, and photos. Lastly, these cases are ideal for holding military adornments and valuables. This exhibit is ideal for military medals, flags, ribbons, hats, plaques, and many other items. These showcases are essential fixtures for holding such keepsakes in an easy to see fashion.

Moreover, each picture frame is ideal for use in commercial and public environments. When hung on a wall in heavily trafficked locations, each unit has the potential to generate additional customer interest in businesses, events, merchandise, and more. This case can be filled with posters, products, pamphlets, and advertisements. In school settings, these hanging cabinets make for great bulletin boards for holding artwork, book reports, or 3-dimensional projects.

Shadow Box Frames How does a photo display case work?
  • Each fixture features a tempered glass panel that allows guests to see contents
  • Users place items inside the unit by either opening a hinged door or removing the backboard
  • One then arranges the collectibles within the case and fixes them in place using pins or hook & loop strips
  • The sponge backboard accommodates pins and touch fasteners with ease
  • Once arranged, mount the showcase on a wall in portrait or landscape orientation, depending on model and personal preference
Shadow Box Frames

These shadow box cases feature an entirely black interior and black frame exterior. Each unit includes an attractively framed exterior. In order to ensure durability and security, the exhibits are outfitted with a tempered glass panel. Certain picture framing units are equipped with a lock and two keys. This locking mechanism is ideal for use in retail or commercial settings. When locked, passing customers cannot disturb or steal the inside artwork or posters. Additionally, these locking models feature small magnets that ensure a securely closing hinged opening. This hinged lid makes it incredibly easy to rearrange, change, or dismantle the inside contents of the unit. These changes can also be made while the unit is hanging on a wall. Other models of shadow box cases are equipped with a rear loading system that involves removing the back panel to prop with memorabilia. Each picture frame includes a sponge material backboard that accommodates touch fastener strips and comes with push pins for immediate use. To find more poster framing ideas, be sure to check out the rest of the Displays2Go online selection!

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