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Polyester Napkins - Square, Foldable Cloths

Polyester Napkins Seamlessly Combine Affordability & Elegance

Already have your entire banquet laid out with table runners, chairs sashes & skirts? While you've hit all the essentials, you may have missed out on the most important part! You forgot the polyester napkins! No need to fret, because Displays2go has you covered. Our dinner napkin collection is available in three neutral colors: white, black & ivory. Also choose between 17" x 17" or 20" x 20" sizes.

Our polyester napkin collection offers multiple benefits. These napkins are sold in quantities of (12) at extremely low price points. One set alone can outfit a single banquet table at most venues. The neutral colors of these napkins make it easy to match any set of previously existing table covers, runners and skirts. These napkins are also easy to wash for reuse, making it ideal for wedding facilities and banquet halls. Get plenty of uses out of these cloth dinner napkins before having to order new sets.

While the colors offered may be simple and designed to match any banquet setup, decorators can still get creative with these square napkins. Try folding napkins them into a variety of different fun shapes. It's the subtle touches like napkin origami that can really leave a lasting impression on people. Try different styles like the pyramid fold, the cone fold, or the ever-so-elegant french fold. If you're really trying to impress your guests take a run at more bold techniques like the necktie, shirt or standing fan folds. There are so many different techniques out there to match specific occasions. People will be talking about your folding skills for years (ok, maybe hours) to come.

Whether you plan on getting creative, or simply providing guests with nice cloths to wipe their mouths and sit on their laps, Displays2go has what you need. Affordability + Elegance + Simplicity= a can't miss purchase.

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