iPad Floor Stands with Locking Enclosures for Android and Apple Tablets

Use Floor Standing iPad Displays to Engage Customers and Clients

Adjustable tablet stands for both iPads and Android devices

Need an interactive display to represent your organization or make your business run smoother? Our locking iPad floor stands are great for retail stores and events where many people will use the tablet. While all of these displays are secure, some feature a single lock while others have a double lock for added security. Many of our iPad floor stands feature optional home button covers that prevent users from changing apps.

Many enclosure mounts feature card reader brackets that are ideal for using in retail stores as POS systems. This keeps the card reader in place and makes it easy for employees to swipe credit cards. The last standout feature is cable management. Hide all those pesky cords by running them through the center of the locking stand for a safe display.

What are some more features of these locking tablet kiosks?
  • Pole styles - iPad floor stands are offered with different pole designs including straight and curved, both with the option of cable management. A kiosk with an adjustable height design is great for accommodating a variety of settings and applications.
  • Enclosure styles - Many of our iPad stands feature cases that rotate and tilt to point in any direction. This is useful for presentations with a landscape orientation and accommodating people of different heights. Some models also provide room for credit card readers, making them ideal for facilitating transactions.
  • Custom Printing - Our freestanding tablet holders are available personalized graphics to make them your own. Featuring your logo or promotional messaging is a great way to grab attention from a distance in busy environments.

At trade shows, it's important to engage as many people as possible at the same time. That's why an interactive iPad stand can be vital to the performance of any exhibit booth. Visitors can view a video or interact with specially designed apps while waiting to speak with a representative. Some tablet displays are even double-sided to maximize the use of floor space. By keeping people in the booth, employees can easily spend their time giving a potential client the time they deserve, while waiting attendees can get an introduction to the organization..

These iPad floor displays are also commonly used in retail stores — especially pop-up shops that require a portable POS system. These freestanding kiosks make excellent lightweight alternatives to traditional cash registers. Use these kiosks as a digital catalog of your retail products and merchandise to give customers a complete view of your inventory. Check out our locking tablet enclosures and mounts for countertops, which fit on trade show booth tables, food truck counters, and other places where a compact retail display is needed.

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