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iPad Clamps & Arms Attach to Tables & Desks

iPad Clamps & Arms Can Improve the Organization of Work Stations

Looking for a way to secure tablets to a desk or tabletop surface? iPad arms are adjustable displays that promote hand free use to help multi-task. How do customers commonly use tablet clamps? The most popular method is often found in the workplace. By clamping an iPad to a desk, employees can adjust the tablet to a viewable angle, while easily swing the arm out of the way when more space is needed. Clip-on bases with gooseneck tablet arms are also great for video chatting. The setup allows users to keep both hands free and surfaces cleared to manage notes, spreadsheets and other important work related items. Many of these adjustable tablet enclosures are universal and designed to fit any sized items, not just the iPad.

What are some of the different features of the iPad arms?
  • Gooseneck Arms - Full flexibility allows users to clamp this holder to a table and move it nearly anywhere.
  • Screw Mounts, Bolts and C-Clamps - Different mounting methods give users different options. Screw mounts and c-clamps are versatile and easily moved to a new location, while bolts are a more permanent solution.
  • Universal Holders - Some of these stands can be adjusted to hold any sized tablet.
  • Cable Management - Hide pesky cables inside of the arm to have a cleaner looking presentation.

Many people get creative with how they use their ipad clamp arms. Musicians will attach them to surfaces so they can read notes and lyrics or use music related software while they play. Trying to kick back and watch a movie? Clamp this tablet holder to the side of the bed, make some popcorn, and enjoy! Try using an iPad clamp in the kitchen to read recipes as you cook, and avoid getting your tablet covered in oils, powders are other messy ingredients.

These arms are so popular because of the functionality and versatility. Affix these displays virtually anywhere and start using your tablet hands free while freeing up more space. With different features available, customers can pick the best display that suits their needs. Whether looking to effectively use a tablet commercially or residentially, users can free up their hands by purchasing an arm!

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